The Different Types Of Aptitude Tests To Use As Part Of Recruitment

The different types of aptitude tests to use as part of recruitment

Most recruiters use aptitude tests while recruiting employees. These types of aptitude tests are helpful in understanding more about the candidate being recruited. Aptitude assessments when conducted in the right way can help a recruiter decide if the candidate suits the job.

Recruiters are increasingly using aptitude tests for the initial screening to know if the candidate has the aptitude needed for the job. These tests would allow recruiters to streamline the recruiting process and make it more effective. We look at the different types of aptitude tests that could be used during recruitment.

What are aptitude tests?

Aptitude refers to the ability of a person. In recruitment, aptitude refers to the competence of a candidate to perform the job for which they are being considered. An aptitude test is an assessment that helps to measure the candidate’s abilities and general intelligence. Depending on the job and the abilities needed, different type of tests can be used.

The different types of aptitude tests

1) Abstract reasoning test

This aptitude test helps to measure the abstract reasoning ability of candidates. The test tries to find out if the candidate can think uniquely. The test assesses if a person can think laterally. This is a skill needed to be creative and process information in a better way. People with good abstract reasoning skills can use data in a better way to make decisions and can solve problems better.

2) Verbal ability test

The ability of the candidate to use words for communication is tested in this aptitude test. The test helps to measure the language and comprehension of the candidate. The test tells recruiters how well a candidate can communicate with others. Candidates with a good verbal ability can communicate effectively and also understand what others are trying to tell them.

3) Spatial reasoning test

The ability to understand both 2D and 3D shapes and patterns is tested in this type of aptitude test. It assesses how well a person can gauge an object’s spatial distribution. People with spatial reasoning abilities tend to be more creative. They can come out with ideas with a visual perspective in a better way.

4) Logical reasoning test

The ability to think logically and draw inferences from given facts is tested here. People who are good in this skill can scan through unstructured data and get useful information from it. They can be good at analysing facts and arriving at solutions for problems.

5) Problem-Solving ability test

The test assesses who a candidate would understand a given situation and respond to it. The test helps in knowing if the candidate can come out with solutions for problems effectively. Candidates with these skills would be useful for companies since they can come out with solutions for problems easily.

6) Decision-Making test

This aptitude test assesses the ability of a candidate to make a judgement or a decision based on given facts. Candidates with these skills can make decisions easily using all the facts and resources at their disposal.

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