The legendary Syed Mushtaq Ali

There are many excellent cricket players who have come from India during all the existence of the game in the country. One of them is Syed Mushtaq Ali. His legacy continues to inspire many players even today. It is possible to make betting in play on all these athletes, and punters will be able to find several features that will significantly improve their chances.

Mushtaq Ali is an excellent player from any point of view. He played between 1934 and 1958 However, there is also a very important event that was decisive in his career. He was the first Indian player to score a Test century outside of India. This happened in a match played in England in 1936. Currently, India continues to perform greatly in these kinds of matches, and to make in play betting on the team through 1xBet can be a winning decision.

Many Indian teams enjoyed his talent

Mushtaq Ali played in a number of teams during his domestic career. Many of these squads offer the best cricket match odds with 1xBet, which can be used for winning the best possible rewards. Some squads that had Mushtaq Ali on their ranks include:

  • Central India;
  • Muslims;
  • Gujarat;
  • and United Provinces.

Of course, Mushtaq Ali was also part of different Indian national squads who performed great in a number of matches in many countries around the world. These great performances were reinforced by an excellent partnership with Vijay Merchant. When both played together they were basically unstoppable. Many other players are inspired by Mushtaq Ali. The best cricket match odds with the 1xBet platform are available for matches, where his followers take part.

A lot of talent

Syed Mushtaq Ali wasn’t considered an all-rounder. However, he was still capable of being a respectable bowler and of course, an incredible batsman. It is possible to bet live match on 1xBet website, which is an even more exciting and rewarding form of wagering.

Whenever Mushtaq Ali batted, it was quite a show for the crowd. However, many times he made high-profile mistakes that were very costly for his teams. Sometimes his batting was too risky, and because of that, there were many times that he lost the wickets in an incredible way.

Yet, Mushtaq Ali is remembered for all the performances that he put up throughout his career. He was also an inspiration for several young people who saw him play during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Many cricket competitions have been named after him, such as the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy. This is a first-class cricket tournament played in India. It is possible to watch every single match of it live and make a bet on them on the 1xBet website, wherever you are.

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