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The Top 10 Skills and Traits of Web and Mobile Application Developers

About five years ago, researchers established that mobile devices had overtaken desktops and laptops in terms of internet usage. Therefore, if your website is not compatible with mobile devices, a business stands to lose over 50% of their potential customers before they can even view your product. With this in mind, both mobile app and web developers need to upskill to work across multiple platforms and devices to serve their clients’ needs—a one-stop-shop, if you will. 

This article piece will look at some of the critical skills and traits mobile and website developers need to have to succeed in this industry. In the first three, we’ll focus exclusively on Web & mobile Application developers before moving over to web developers. However, learning both skillsets over the long term will prove essential. In some, such as teamwork and practical communication skills, they are intertwined and overlap.

1: Teamwork—Good developers work well together

The days of 24-hour code crushing with cans of Redbull are pretty much over. To build software that billions of people will use takes teamwork, with supervisors overseeing various projects. Nowadays, teamwork is a must, as modern applications are too complex just for one person to do it alone. Therefore, a good developer needs to work effectively as part of a team and work on tasks as requested.

They need to realize everyone has various skillsets and tools they can bring to the project. So they need to be willing to not only learn but share information too. Code reviews are a big part of the job. They need to be able not to take any requests for revisions personally; therefore, being open-mind to new suggestions and communicating well is also essential. Where possible, managers drafting in new teams should try to recruit people who have worked together before.

2: They need the necessary tools to work cross-platform

When it comes to mobile developers, they need to develop apps for both Android and iOS. Although Apple may have the market share in terms of popularity in the US, Samsung and other Android devices are gaining popularity. They are generally more popular in the rest of the world. When a business launches a new app, they want all of their customers to have access to it regardless of their phone type. 

As mentioned, Apple devices remain prevalent in North America; Android devices, manufactured by companies like Samsung, rule pretty much the world. Many development teams use React Native, which allows them to maintain a single codebase across both mobile platforms. A good team manager looks for developers that don’t favor one platform over the other. The traits looked for in a good developer are those who embrace each platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

3: Being comfortable with both front end design and backend coding

When it comes to mobile app development, completing the front and backend is one collaborative project. A successful frontend job in creation makes the user interface enjoyable and engaging. Therefore, a well-designed backend makes sure it doesn’t crash, thereby reducing that. Well-written code that helps the frontend perform to the customer’s expectations is paramount, and a good mobile developer needs to know the in’s and out’s of both.

An attractive app that crashes constantly is pretty much useless. A good developer should avoid compromising on the frontend to invest more time into the backend—and vice versa. In essence, they should communicate with and respect the opinions of fellow UX/UI designers.

Conclusions on good mobile developers skills and traits

Professional mobile developers should work well in a team environment, work on Android and iOS, and have frontend design skills and backend technical and design know-how.

What skillsets and traits should a Web Developer have?

Nowadays, building a website is not a difficult task. Anyone with the time and determination can watch a few YouTube tutorials and create a functional website on content management platforms like WordPress in a matter of days. Therefore, let’s look at what sets a professional apart:

4: Proficiency in many programming languages

Good web developers are the best at their job when they have a good mastering of at least one of the following coding outputs: PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS/SCC3, HTML/HTML 5, Adobe Illustrator / Adobe photoshop, and Python. The best web developers can do both code and web design at the same time. Naturally, developers must be familiar with WordPress.

Conversely, if it’s an e-commerce site, then the web developer must know BigCommerce and Magneto. Being familiar with graphic design can be regarded as a big plus point. A web developer may not have a clear idea about graphic design, but a good one will always have an idea about the graphic designer’s tools.

5: Good analytical skills

Having keen analytical skills is a must for creating a successful website. Therefore, the coding needs to match that of the website’s desired look and functionality. That is why web developers must understand the client’s business, services, and requirements.

Understanding what the client wants while being able to step back and offer critical thinking is a must. Adapting any changes or additions that the client wants quickly and effectively will lead to a long-term working relationship.

The web developer must meet all the requirements and must be able to adopt any changes that their clients wish on their website. When a developer has a better understanding of the client, the final project will satisfy their client and ensure future business.

6: Backend and databases knowledge

Backend development goes hand in hand with data storage. A good web developer knows how to store data and manipulate and retrieve data processes from the databases. Any successful web developer must learn to manage the database by using languages like NoSQL or SQL. It is also essential to learn to build the JavaScript app using some other popular platforms like Node.JS. 

7: Testing and debugging skills of a developer

This process is crucial before the website goes live, and therefore it’s critical for any web developer to test the webpage to detect any errors first. They must be proficient in spotting any mistakes and know how to fix any bugs.

By constantly applying a testing procedure, it ensures the code for the website is safe and works effectively. A good web developer will continuously test the website for bugs; likewise, having the skill set to fix any errors that arise.

8: SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Web developers must possess a knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Most business owners are aware of this essential component in terms of driving traffic to their site. Therefore the web developer must be able to speak as an authority on the topic.

A website built around good SEO can attract more users or visitors to the webpage. As mentioned, all companies are looking for better SEO, so it’s a must-have skill for any developer.

9: Time management skills

Influential web developers must manage their time management effectively. They must be capable of performing a multitude of various tasks throughout the day. Several tools are available that can increase the development cycle when building a website. Still, when developers prioritize time management skills, they can quickly regain control and perform the work efficiently.

Good time management involves:

  • Setting goals.
  • Prioritizing the jobs that need immediate work.
  • Making a list of tasks that you or the team must follow step by step.

As mentioned before, listening and communication skills are vital. Web developers must always pay attention to what other people are saying to get the job done right the first time.

10: Emotional intelligence

Finally, this skill must also be prevalent in developers as it’ll help them solve problems without fear of failure—this underlying skill will grow over time with experience.

In essence, web developers must think like the end-user, anticipate how they’d react to the front end, anticipate any troubles the user might run into, or what prompts might cause them to leave the site. This forethought will give them the confidence to build a website they’re confident will work.

Conclusion on web developers

As the industry is forever evolving, constant professional development is essential. Furthermore, today’s IT world is very competitive; therefore, web developers must possess all of the above skills and traits and continue to upskill.

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