Things Singers Should Avoid Before Their Performance

As a singers, you are the life of a stage There will be thousands of people coming from different places just to watch you perform live and groove to your music. You will be in the limelight and therefore, you must do whatever it takes to deliver a remarkable performance. 

Did you know that despite months of practice and rehearsals, certain factors can affect your performance if you do not avoid them? This article talks about things you should avoid before stepping up on the stage.

1. Avoid coffee and alcohol 

Coffee and alcohol may seem like a great option to take the edge off and boost up your confidence. However, it is a terrible choice that should be avoided at all times. Caffeine in coffee promotes dehydration, which is bad for your vocal cords. Aside from the fact that alcohol too has a dehydrating effect, it can impair your ability to sing properly. 

2. Be careful of what you eat

Before a performance, singers are always advised to not overeat as a full stomach might cause cramps in the diaphragm that controls breathing and volume. Dairy, spicy meals, fried foods, and anything particularly fatty are all things to avoid before singing as they have the ability to irritate your vocal cords and create excess mucus in your throat. 

You should also avoid food that makes you gassy. Imagine burping in the middle of your performance. Embarrassing, isn’t it? 

When it comes to what to eat before singing, choose nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables along with lean non-fried meats. 

3. Avoid smoking (passive too) 

Everyone knows about the negative effects of smoking. Cigarette smoke is a singer’s worst enemy. Smoking is harmful to the lungs and the vocal cords. You need both your lungs and vocal cords to sing. It irritates your throat and decreases your maximum lung capacity. 

You might also want to avoid being around people who smoke as secondhand smoke can also trigger your performance. You want to relax your diaphragm and hence, you need to be away from smoke if you want to sound better. 

4. Do not stress your vocal cords

You should abstain from misusing your vocal cords before your performance. Yelling or shouting can stress your vocal cords and damage your voice. Yelling or talking loudly is equivalent to scratching your vocal cords. 

You might want to stay away from noisy environments such as clubs and places with big crowds as you will be forced to speak loudly. 

The vibrations required to generate sound are hampered by cold temperatures, so do not drink ice-cold water or juices right before your performance. 

#5 Do not let stage fear get to you  

Performing in front of thousands of people can be frightening. You are not alone if you are petrified just before your performance. It is completely normal. There are ways in which you can overcome stage fear and ace your performance: 

  • Practice makes you perfect! So, practice.
  • Do not get caught up in the negative possibilities. Rather, focus on the positives. 
  • Avoid thoughts that might induce self-doubt and anxiety. 
  • Connect with your audience by making eye contact and smiling at them. 
  • Do not be afraid of being yourself. Act natural. 

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