Things To Learn About Instagram From Most Followed Celebrities
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Things to Learn about Instagram from Most Followed Celebrities

Almost everyone is on Instagram today to sneak a peek into their favorite celebrity’s lifestyle. But do you wonder what makes the Hollywood stars promote their work on this social media platform? If you think about it, you will know that Instagram features, accessibility to fans, and the ability to demonstrate one’s personality are the main reasons behind choosing this avenue. Still, not every celebrity can use this platform to its optimum capacity.

Some are way too superior with their strategies. If you own a brand, you can observe and pick a few of the habits from them. Here is a quick glimpse into this to make your job easier.

Handy Hashtags and Videos

When it comes to recognizing one celebrity that uses all Instagram functions to their best capacity, you can’t ignore Jennifer Lopez. From hashtags to Reels to IGTV and Stories, she doesn’t leave anything. She shares plenty of promotional stuff, but none of them ever come without snappy captions, exciting content, and tagging of sponsors and photographers. Still, one thing that stands out in all her efforts is the camel case in hashtags. Each capital word in a hashtag has outstanding readability. Besides, all her videos include full subtitles, which allow users to watch them without sound also. 

From here, you can learn how to use a camel case and full video subtitles while promoting your brand. 

AR Filters

Are you aware of custom AR filters for Instagram Stories? Augmented reality (AR) filters are effects generated through the computer over the authentic images clicked by your camera. With the filter, you can modify the photos taken by your front or back camera. Taylor Swift makes the best use of this feature. She creates a lot of filters while promoting her music videos and albums. Even her fans also use AR filters to style their looks after her.

As you may have guessed, AR filters allow you to help your fans try your products virtually. It can be a great marketing strategy for beauty products, sports teams, entertainment brands, etc. Do you wonder whether these campaigns have any meaning without a considerable fan base? While your concern is legitimate, you don’t have to feel bothered at all. You can buy IG followers from a credible vendor to increase fans. Just make sure they are real people with authentic Instagram accounts to avoid any hassle. Many celebrities and labels do this to push their visibility. Once you start gaining organic momentum, you can apply this trick on and off.

Instagram Live and Fan Interaction

During lockdowns, most musicians used Instagram Lives, but the one band that created a big name was The Arkells. The rock band’s lead singer would come Live on Instagram for an hour every day and teach chords of their music to fans and guests invited through the request-to-chat functionality. After every streaming, they would post an IGTV video for audiences to go back to those. As a brand, what you can learn from this is don’t use this social media channel just for promotional activities and teach a valuable lesson. Encourage people to inquire about your label and offerings or surprise them with something delightful. 

Content and Cross-promotion

If you want to see a feed upbeat with high-quality original videos, Stories, IGTV, and Reels, you should check Jessica Alba once. Her bio link has a link tree, and you can also see various IG Highlights and IGTV series. Alba’s feed is rich with diverse content, but the theme remains the same: healthy and sustainable lifestyle, brand promotion, being a mom, etc. At the same time, she is also brilliant with cross-promotion. You can go through her posts on products that also contain tips in the title.

So, when you work on your product’s content, you can also try to make them valuable for your followers.

Things To Learn About Instagram From Most Followed Celebrities

Brand Voice and Humor

Not everyone knows to use humor in the right way. That’s why you don’t get to see many examples in this area. But John Mayer seems to be an expert in this. You can go through his magazine shoots, music promotions, and other posts that carry a balanced dose of humor. Even though some posts may not contain any trace of this, you can still sense it in the brand voice. 

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You can also incorporate this into your brand voice. However, make sure you don’t go overboard. You should post both humorous and regular updates to give your feed a balanced vibe. People should find them funny and not see it as an attempt to make them laugh.

Like these, there are multiple examples to follow and learn from them on how to use Instagram features in the best way. You can keep an eye on your favorite stars’ Insta activities and engagement to discover things that click with fans and apply them in your campaigns.

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