7 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Feed

Instagram is an excellent platform to do business. With its wide array of features and advertising options, no app can contribute to your success more than Instagram. But careful out there; having an outstanding

Instagram profile isn’t an easy task.

Improving your Instagram Feed may not be elementary. But neither is it daunting, especially with nice solutions which are delivered by graphic design software, for example you can use an Instagram post template to make visuals awe-inspiring and breathtaking which will additionally save your time.

Other than visuals, these seven top-notch tips will help you upgrade your Feed and make your profile pristine and delightful.



Make a stellar cover

Suppose you own a brand and want to catch people’s attention right away (even if they’re not into the product). In that case, furnishing your profile cover, including business category and bio, is a must. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Profile picture

A profile cover comprises several essential elements. First, it’s the picture. Whether you lead a blog from your account or have a separate, full-fledged brand profile, make sure to set the right image. Choosing a company logo, a founder portrait, or a product photo hinges on the profile. Either way, ensure it is a high-quality picture.

Business category

Next, secure a business category. Doing that has several benefits. First, a business category will help people determine whether they are interested in your profile quickly. Second, it will boost search optimization.


Bio is another component that you can’t omit. It makes your profile cover informative and professional. Since the bio section has 150 allowed characters, keep it short. And yes, don’t forget to insert a link (to your web page, for instance) as a CTA button.

Even by completing this tip in its entirety, you will improve your Instagram Feed considerably. Regardless, let’s move on and briefly review the following equally practical recommendations.

Fill pinned Stories with superb highlights

Pinned Instagram Stories are efficient in that they help you compress your profile’s focus and tell a compelling story about the brand, its achievements, contributions, and many more. You can use this space in various ways. More importantly, remember to give pinned Stories short names and appealing covers.



Review previous posts and delete them if necessary

A successful Instagram profile requires reviewing previously published content. Your Feed must be comprehensive and visually charming, so don’t hesitate to delete posts if you think they don’t align with your area, are poor in quality, or contain outdated material.

Keep your followers in mind

People will always cherish you and prefer your brand over a different one if they know their opinion matters. Make your profile responsive and open for conversations. Ask people for a recommendation and feedback. Don’t be afraid to disagree with them. As long as your interactions are meaningful, it will boost your Feed.

Roll out authentic Stories

Stories are a potent tool to improve the brand and gain followers. You can promote your products, release announcements, seek people’s opinions, and use many other methods to boost your audience. Yet, being authentic is often overlooked. Since openness is key, remember to preserve it everywhere, in Stories too. You are encouraged to publish Stories about your daily routine, behind the scenes, confessions, etc. It will help you bond with people and show your true face.

Hone your photography skills

Hold your horses for a while. Strengthening photography skills doesn’t require purchasing professional equipment, including cameras. You can take stunning snaps with an iPhone. What’s way more critical is to drill your photography abilities, use editing software to improve photos, and know how to set the light.

Include captions

The power of words is impossible to underestimate. A word delivers an important message and calls for a specific action. Well-written captions guarantee your followers will like your post and share it with others. Similarly, composing a splendid caption requires time and effort. But once you acquire a unique style, your profile will glow.




Now that you’ve read the mentioned tips, you will find bolstering your Instagram Feed way more manageable. Remember that succeeding on Instagram requires constant work on your profile and its content. Consider using these tips, and your Feed will thrive shortly.

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