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7 Awesome Tips to Promote Your Web Design Business in Instagram

There are many web designing firms all over the world due to which competition in this market is very high. To survive in this competition, you have to take your services to a global level. You must be using social media for promoting your business and that is no doubt a great start as customers are now using social media platforms to find the brands that provide their required service. But among so many social media platforms, the most effective one for promoting your business is Instagram. In this article, we will be discussing 7 awesome tips for promoting your web design business on Instagram.

Using Hashtags

One of the most important parts of Instagram is hashtags. Only a fool will be using Instagram without taking full advantage of it. The first step of promoting your business on any social media platform is to become easier to find and hashtags are the best at doing this. They will not only make your Insta page easier to find but will also create an emotional response and encourage potential customers to respond to your call-to-action. The survival of business in social media also depends on what people share about you. Create a relevant hashtag and use it as your brand name and encourage your customers to use it whenever they share something relevant to your business. In this way, you will be able to strengthen your brand.

Get in Touch with Influencers


Influencer marketing is one of the latest and popular trends in social media marketing. Influencer marketing is becoming popular because of the authenticity that they provide and that is exactly what is necessary for the growth of your business. Influencers are of many types, you have to get in touch with the one who is relevant to your business. Contacting a fashion influencer to promote your web designing business will be a foolish act; you have to get in touch with web design bloggers, other popular web designers, small business professionals, etc. To find the right influencer you may check the accounts that are followed by your clients, mention them in your posts, and when you get a chance contact them and ask if there are any chances of working together. 

Maintain a Consistent Brand Image

According to Forbes, building a consistent brand image is very essential in business because customers not only buy your products or services, but they also buy what your brand stands for. So, in a way the content you post will be reflecting your brand, they are like your signature. If you are having business accounts on other social media platforms along with Instagram then you must use the same logo and the brand voice in all those accounts.

Share Your Progress and Work Process

As you are a web designer, your followers will be eager to know about your work process and your creative designs. You can share all such things with them in your Instagram stories. You can give them a sneak peek of a website that you are recently working upon, provide a short web design tutorial, share a Q&A video, you can also post information about any events that you are planning to hold on your Instagram page, etc. This will help to create a better connection between you and your potential customers. 

Take Care of the Captions

Instagram is indeed a visual-centric platform but because of this reason, you should not compromise with the quality of your captions. A good and well-written caption will not only convey the required context but will also encourage your followers to comment and ask their doubts. For writing good captions, you have to make them to the point and use proper readable fonts.

More comments mean a better boost to your post. If your posts are not getting enough comments then buy Instagram comments here.

Setup a Proper Profile

You have to share the link to your website so that people can reach there. In Instagram, the profile bio is the best place to put the link. To make your business profile identifiable to your followers, you have to use the brand logo as your profile picture. There is no use in putting keywords and hashtags in your bio; instead, you must write something that highlights your brand personality. 

Promote Engagement with Instagram Questions

Instagram Questions is a new feature added to Instagram. By using Instagram questions, your followers and potential clients may ask you questions when they view your stories. And later on, you can hold a live Q&A session where you can answer those questions. But before holding the session you must inform your followers beforehand so that they become aware of it and join your session in due time.


These are the 7 awesome tips that you can use to promote your web design business on Instagram. Make use of the visual nature of Instagram and enlarge your business.

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