Top 15 Creative Website Sidebar Design Examples For 2021

Top 15 creative Website Sidebar Design Examples for 2022

It takes a lot of elements for a website to be successful. Hence, you must pay attention to have a good website layout that drastically enhances the look and feel of the website. There are a lot of website elements but one that you just cannot miss out on is the website sidebar. Talking about the website sidebar, it is one of the most innovative and special parts of the entire web browsing design.

List of website sidebar design

To give you an overview of the web sidebar, it is a dedicated column of typography, icons, and a proper palette of colors on the side of the main content that is either displayed on the left side or the right side depending on the structure of the website.

A sidebar can be very useful as it not only contains proper navigation menus that instantly guide the visitors on the website but also highlights key information such as ads and contact forms. Along with that, it also defines website engagement and sections very uniformly. This is the reason why most businesses even invest in proper web design and development services to ensure the best results of your website.

But as they say, information is never too much, so to give you a clear understanding of how your website sidebar should look, we have jotted down the top 15 creative website sidebar design examples for 2021.

Feel free to take inspiration from these website sidebar designs and customize your website with your in-house developer. Otherwise, a web design agency is always there to save your day and curate a personalized website sidebar for you.

Top 15 Creative Website Sidebar Design Examples For 2021

Dolly Ave

This particular website is linked to images and music. The sidebar has bold typography which fits well with the rest of the elements on the website. It not only looks brilliant but it also helps the tourists to explore better because of its well-functioning abilities.

Anthony J Rayburn

This website has a wide variety of beautiful and inspirational images. The sidebar is on the right side which displays the logo, links to direct guests, and links to social media sites. It always shows contact information.

Grace Chuang

This is a portfolio page that particularly displays Grace’s projects. This website specifically makes use of a 3-column layout. To explain it better, let us break it for you. So, on the left is the sidebar with the logo, links to direct users to different pages on the website, links to the social media pages is the middle is the web designer’s illustration. Whereas on the right side, it displays a web designer’s introduction.


Nicecream is a dedicated platform that you are going to skip. Its sidebar fits perfectly well with the whole graphic user interface. Because of this, it provides a great user experience and looks for web users.

Kate Vass Galerie 

Speaking of this one, it is a proper gallery of modern art that is in partnership with curators and leading critics that takes it as a medium to showcase their artworks by artists. Along with this, it also facilitates the guests to navigate through the artwork easily. On top of that, there is a sidebar on the left side that has a detailed list of names of various articles. 

Jasmine Star 

Its navigation sidebar is on the left side of the website. It also has a unique typography location on the sidebar. On top of that, it has a white backdrop that makes the sidebar look a lot presentable and visually appealing. Along with that, it also provides a chance to close it. 

The Idle Man 

The Idle Man is an online store that has a wide sidebar on the home page that visibly highlights the latest and best selling products. This is one of the most impactful ways to encourage consumers to buy the products. 

Love Billy 

This website particularly uses very bold typography in the sidebar of the website. Because of its functionality, it is used as navigation that conveniently directs tourists and provides them with a description of the entire interface. 

Sophie Kahn 

This is an art website that is created by Sophie Kahn who is a visual artist and sculptor. This art website has a standard sidebar that connects to social media sites. 

Deanie Chen 

Deanie Chen’s website has a dedicated daily sidebar with too many white spaces that compliments the stunning and alluring photo galleries that it has to offer.

The Life Church Today 

The website of The Life Church Today is predominantly for children. This is the reason it has a simple and clear sidebar. Along with that, the entire architecture is quite clean and beautiful. 

Mike Kalley 

Mike Kalley has a personal website that is entirely dedicated to a photographer who is Milke himself. This website has stunning features, a hero icon, and a vertical navigation bar with the latest, and updated logo and overlays effects. 

Charlie Waite 

Charlie Waite is again a personal website that is originally designed by an artist Charlie Waite. He has used a wide sidebar to introduce himself which welcomes the guests of the website. It also displays links that connect to its all the social media handles.

Niche Pod 

This website Niche Pod has a hidden sidebar. It has a badge, welcoming greetings, and links that make it easier for travelers to discover the website.

Mathieu Stern 

Mathieu Stern is a dedicated platform for videos and photography. Its sidebar has a structure having two-tier that is way too convenient and easy for tourists to navigate through this platform and to navigate the platform itself. 

So, these are all the top 15 creative website sidebar design examples from which you can take inspiration for your own website in 2021 which defines the purpose of website. But do you know what can make the entire designing process a lot better? Well, indeed hiring a professional web agency that has good experience in catering to different clients for various projects. And to your surprise, Auxesis Infotech is one of the leading website design and development agencies that has years of experience and expertise in all sorts of website services.

With the help of its wonderfully trained team of developers, designers, and testers and the right set of resources, it has managed to deliver the best quality results for numerous different clients from different industries. Also, our clientele includes companies of all sizes, from small scale businesses to big corporations.

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