Want to meet a girlfriend, which sticker to put on the car ?; Read the apology given by Mumbai Police

As the prevalence of corona is increasing, strict restrictions have been imposed in the state and vehicles are also being classified with red, green and yellow strikers according to their use. For this, Mumbai Police has started giving the message of public awareness in the language of mimes in a very quirky style. Not only mimes, but also the questions that are being asked to the Mumbai police are being answered by the police. Mumbai Police has given a complete answer to a question asked by a person about visiting his girlfriend and his tweet has gone viral.

Against the backdrop of this new rule, a Mumbaikar named Ashwin Vinod was asked a question by the Mumbai Police on Twitter. “Which sticker should I put on the car to visit my girlfriend? I miss her very much,” tweeted Vinod, tagging Mumbai police.

While replying to this, Mumbai Police also took a spin on humor by speaking sweetly. “We know, sir, that this is an urgent matter for you, but unfortunately it does not involve our urgent work or emergency work. If the two lovers are away from each other, the love grows even more. That is why your health is very good right now. We want you both to be together for life. We have used that sentence only as a phrase, ”said the North Mumbai Police.

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