What are the best WiFi plans in India?

Having a reliable and fast data connection is the need of the hour. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are spending long hours indoors and therefore are mostly reliant on our WiFi connections so that we can have constant connectivity to high-speed internet. The tricky part about choosing the WiFi connection for your home is that apart from you, other family members may be using the internet connection for various purposes.

Not choosing an adequate WiFi connection according to your needs may leave you with lower data speed resulting in choppy video calls, slow buffering of videos, frequent disconnections, and downloads taking forever. Apart from the data speed, another big factor in choosing the right WiFi connection is the data limit and FUP.

While there are several unlimited data plans in the market which provide high data speed, many come with a steep FUP limit which reduces the data speed drastically once the said data limit has been reached. Here are some of the best WiFi connection plans currently available in the country with the various ISPs that fit the bill.

  • Airtel WiFi – The Airtel Broadband is one of the premier ISPs in the country. It is also one of the biggest telecom providers, with some of the most popular prepaid and postpaid services. All Airtel broadband plans come with unlimited data and a high FUP data limit of 500 GB which matches the usage of most users. This ensures that the customers have access to high-speed data throughout the month. The Airtel broadband plans start from the ultra-affordable INR 499 going all the way to INR 3999. The highest speed available with these plans goes to 1 GBPS which is the highest in the country. The plan also comes with a free high-speed router as well as free unlimited STD and Local calls. Apart from these, the broadband uses V-fiber technology that provides extremely stable speeds.
  • Reliance Jio Wifi – Just like the Airtel connection, the Reliance Jio Broadband is also one of the popular ISPs in India. The Reliance Jio Fiber plans start from the price point of INR 399; however, with a lesser speed of 30 Mbps vs the 40 Mbps provided with Airtel’s basic plan. The highest speed of the Jio broadband is 1 Gbps. The certain Jio Fiber plans come with OTT App subscriptions similar to the Airtel Thanks benefits that the Airtel customers can enjoy with the broadband connection.
  • BSNL – BSNL is the national carrier for the country and that translates to unmatched connectivity even in the most remote parts of India. Along with unlimited data, the plans are available at attractive prices and packaging however one of the biggest problems with the plans is the low FUP limit. If one is going for a BSNL broadband plan, one of the most beneficial options would be to opt for a long term plan. The BSNL long-term plans are available with 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months validity. The customers also get free calls from the BSNL landline that they can get installed at their homes.

There are many other internet providers; however, an important consideration would be to make sure that the ISP provides their services at your location. You can opt for any of the three WiFi internet providers mentioned above since they provide services in most of the areas. Out of these, Airtel does a great job of differentiating its services through the strong culture of customer focus and great packages. If you want to know more about the Airtel Broadband plans and services, you can head to the Airtel website and visit the relevant page. You can also check if your locality is covered by Airtel through the Airtel website.

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