What Is WebAR and Why Is It So Exciting 2022?

Would you like to take a deep dive into the world of web-based augmented reality? This article explains the WebAR basics for you to understand whether this activity works for you.

What is Web Augmented Reality?

As you know, virtual and augmented reality activities assume app downloading or adding special hardware. With WebAR, you can bring your AR experience to the whole next level by using your mobile internet browser. There is no need to download a mobile application to take advantage of this technology. With web-based augmented reality, you can open a web page at any time using your smartphone’s camera – just like you visit numerous web pages every day. Thus, you can see more information about the product you are interested in if it is infused with AR features.

This technology is very useful for building marketing campaigns for a specific product with the implementation of the brand dynamics. With the help of WebAR, you can make AR more accessible to your target audience. Moreover, this technology allows for providing an immersive experience by combining the physical and virtual worlds. If you are engaged in outsourced IT support services, this information will be especially useful for you. Aside from opening new horizons in digital technologies, you will discover everything about the perks of web-based augmented reality technology.

Advantages of AR on Websites

Web augmented reality has multiple advantages. It will be especially useful for marketing and e-commerce purposes. Study the entire list of WebAR bragging points to find out whether you can incorporate this technology into your projects.

Easy Access

Until WebAR appeared on the stage, every company that used augmented reality had to develop its own mobile app. Therefore, each customer should download a specific app to view the details about the product. Currently, there is no need to download any digital product since you can view AR right from your browser. Moreover, the technology is fully compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

User’s Convenience

Thanks to AR on websites, the user does not have to search for an app and spend additional money on it. It also saves storage space on the device. This makes life easier for the user, and it will help reach more potential customers for business owners. Moreover, users can simply share a WebAR link on social media platforms or instant messengers such as WhatsApp. This contributes to brand promotion as well.

Try Before You Buy

Apple and Google are constantly contributing to the development of augmented reality on the web. The usdz and gltf /glb formats work based on ARkit/ARcore. This provides a high-quality level of binding of virtual objects and their real-life representation. Thus, it is possible to test the product and its qualities before making a purchase.

New Opportunities for Storytelling

Browser-based augmented reality allows you to expand the boundaries of content perception, taking the viewer away from the usual 2D media consumption. With AR, meaning technology, it is possible to immerse the user in the story you want to present in a new and accessible way. This method is a novelty because a small number of the audience understands how to interact with three-dimensional content. Thus, you can contribute not only to the value and diversity of your interaction with potential clients but also inform online users about the digital future.

Direct Interaction with Potential Customers

Brands can communicate with users directly through their smartphones while using online AR marketing. Customers can easily visualize the product and receive clear brand messages through interactive WebAR services. It will also help you access pricing and other product information. Augmented reality in the browser helps to place the product in the real world and examine it from different angles. If the brand incorporates this technology into the website, the potential customers will remember both the product and brand. This is a great opportunity to get returning customers.

Product Promotion

Brands prefer to use augmented reality in their marketing and sales strategies. It is one of the best ways to make the brand name more recognizable. Web augmented reality is a very effective method to build brand awareness by telling a story. This can create buzz around the brand, which will help it stand out from the crowd.

What Is Webar

Who Can Use WebAR?

What does AR mean in technology? This is a frequently asked question among numerous users and aspiring brand owners. WebAR can already successfully perform tasks related to quickly informing and immersing the user in a brand campaign.

Online retailers can showcase important product characteristics to potential buyers while reducing the need to visit the offline store. The technology is evolving and gives different variations of use, both visually and interactively. With the development of 5G and mobile devices, the reach of users who can get acquainted with the AR experience has significantly increased.

Nowadays, it is possible to examine the product to the tiniest details regardless of the location. The experiences you can take advantage of today are just a beginning since WebAR technology is constantly developing.

Web based augmented reality is less expensive and faster to deploy. It can be used for any purpose, whether you are engaged in e-commerce or web marketing. It provides a great opportunity for creative people who want to reach heights in a certain sphere.

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How Does WebAR Work?

WebAR can provide an amazing experience for its users, but there are many aspects to consider during its implementation to the online platform.  The majority of augmented reality web app experiences include the following important features:

  • Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF)

The process of syncing the 3D image on top of the real world usually refers to the concept called 6DoF. Once the user can monitor the object’s three-axis of orientation and three-axis position, the process of controlling the 3D image will be a breeze. This factor is the first and most important to take into account before creating a WebAR object.

  • Camera Stream

A camera stream allows you to understand the way web based augmented reality synchs with the physical environment. It is advisable to incorporate the RGB camera into the process of creating an AR experience to make the most out of the right perspective and field of view.

  • The feature of scene understanding

To properly position the 3D model within a physical environment, it is necessary to consider the scene. Besides, mapping the surface and evaluating the ambient light in the environment is a must.

  • WebAR portals

WebAR portals demonstrate the virtual space around the user. The portal is anchored to a surface and resembles a door or gate that you can enter. When passing through this portal, the user changes the setting and environment. It is possible to display any content, such as graphics, photos, or 360 videos.

  • Tech requirements

The browser AR technology has some technical requirements. Most importantly, a smartphone should be equipped with sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, and RGB camera.

Possible Challenges and Drawbacks

When you choose between browser augmented reality or standard AR, you will need to determine your purposes first. AR technologies require an app installation. Nevertheless, it compensates by demonstrating more complex animations. WebAR is inferior to its contender in terms of visualization, though it is much easier to access. The difference in the functionality of these two technologies is that AR uses the resources of a dedicated application and the smartphone’s hardware, WebAR is limited only by the capabilities of your browser. 

If it comes to mobile browsers, you can face the problem of browser compatibility. Once you compare Chrome and Safari, you will see that both browsers have different principles of work and configurations. That is why it may be rather challenging to create a user experience that will work the same way across all mobile browsers.

WebAR delivers a more basic experience than app-powered AR. However, it would be wrong to say that it couldn’t produce a custom and immersive experience. The bragging point of web-based augmented reality is straightforwardness and convenience. Consider these factors when choosing the most suitable technology for your campaign or brand promotion.

Final Word

WebAR is a browser augmented reality technology that is available for every smartphone user. Its interface is implemented using specific technologies such as WebGL, WebRTC, WebVR, and API. You will need to have any portable device at hand to use the advantages of WebAR. It is possible to access interactive 3D models using a QR code or by clicking a link. The browser AR has limited functionality compared to traditional AR technology. Currently, WebAR includes simple animation, video, limited interactivity, and image target detection.

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