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What Tech Do You Need for Business Video Calls

The ability to hop on a plane and head to an important business meeting or training session has been severely curtailed. Make sure that you can have positive connections between you, your suppliers, and your clients or potential clients can connect effectively. The tips below can help you determine the best software and hardware investments to keep connections secure and effective.

Personalize the Presentation

Consider getting a standard background created for all of your employees to use and customize for their business video calls. If you can, use a program that allows your employees multiple options.

For example, you may have employees who excel at making introductory calls. Their background options will need to include a fairly plain background that includes your logo, their title, and other facts about them, such as their tenure. Consider adding a spot on your company background for employees to add to include professional accomplishments, such as

  • published whitepapers
  • patents
  • other notable professional publications

LinkedIn addresses, email, private phone line and private fax should also be included.

Private Chat

During a video conference call, you may have multiple employees logging on to share data with a client. Consider adding a private chat feature to share data between employees. To avoid any embarrassing errors, make sure that this chat runs only on one side of the screen or has a particular background.

Public Chat

In addition to the private chat, add a public chat feature for all meeting members to share. This is a good spot to share links to review, PDF documents to study as a group, and other images pertinent to the topic.

If it can be said, say it. Only use the public chat feature as a way to share visual factors that need to be discussed. Allow time for all attendees to study the image to discuss, then consider closing it to avoid distractions that can limit the conversation that needs to happen.

The Ability to Record

One of the biggest benefits of webcast meetings is that you can record the entire meeting and review it to confirm that your team moves forward effectively.

Prior to starting the meeting, make sure that you get approval from everyone attending the meeting that recording is appropriate. This approval will be an all-or-nothing setting on your ability to save the meeting as a video. If everyone doesn’t agree, you can’t record.

Discuss this need with your legal department. You may be able to make it part of the acceptance of the meeting, and for your own employees, you may be able to make it a term of employment. However, if this can’t be confirmed, you may need to send two approvals, one as an agreement to be recorded and the other as acceptance of the meeting.


Consider creating a checklist for business video meetings with multiple reminders. The day before your meeting, make sure your headset and microphone are working well. If you have employees that are new to video calls, require them to send you a screenshot of them on their background twelve hours before the call so you can confirm that their background is working effectively. In addition, your pre-meeting reminders should include a test of internet speed for anyone working from home.

One of the benefits of a video call is that you don’t have to travel to make connections; everyone can stay physically safe and comfortable. Arriving on screen with an inappropriate background, a non-working headset, or another tech failure will wipe out any comfort you gain.

A Phone Stand or Camera Stand

Many of us prefer not to use the camera on our laptop; the angle can be quite unflattering and the light quality is often less than ideal. If you have a web camera or if you use your phone video feature for your business meetings, just leaning or perching the phone somewhere could lead to embarrassing tip-overs.

Once you have your background set on your camera and stand, take a bit of masking tape and tape around the feet of your stand so your next meeting setup will be simple and fast. If possible, leave the stand at the height you need and simply set the whole stand out of the way once you have it set up to speed up your meeting prep.

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