Will Mumbai Local be closed again? Indicative statement of Vijay Vadettiwar


Mumbai’s lifeline is likely to be closed again. It is learned that Mumbai local will be closed due to increasing number of corona patients. Relief and Rehabilitation Minister Vijay Vadettiwar has made a statement in this regard.

Outbreaks of corona are being reported in Mumbai and suburbs, including the state. Therefore, the administration has already decided on strict restrictions and lockdowns. In that, Mumbai locals may be closed now.

Should local be started or closed? Or, as in the past, restrictions may be imposed. We contacted the railways. The railway administration at the time was repeatedly refusing. However, we had decided to start a local train as people’s employment was declining. Now the train is crowded. Besides, the number is also increasing. Therefore, a decision will be taken in this regard, said Vijay Vadettiwar.


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