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Programming is one of the best skills that help you to get a better job. If you also want to get into programming then you have to know about the world ‘s Hardest programming languages. Programming is not hard but if you are new then you have to choose an easy programming language such that you can take an interest in it and easily learn it. There are a lot of programming languages like C,C+ ,HTML ,CSS, JavaScript used for different purposes like software development ,app development and website development.

Here we are going to discuss which one programming language you have to select as your first programming language.

Why do you need to select an Easy Programming Language?

There are many reasons why programming languages should be chosen carefully. One of the most important aspects of choosing a language is the syntax. Syntax refers to the rules and patterns used to write code. In some cases they can be specific to a certain type of language, while others apply to any programming language. Below you will find some reasons why you should choose an easy programming language as a learner.

Learning Complexity

Learning how to program requires learning more than just the actual coding. A lot of people try to learn how to program using a complicated language, but instead end up spending time focusing on learning to read and understand the grammar rather than actually writing code. If you’re trying to teach yourself how to program, it might take longer to reach proficiency if you have to spend hours reading the syntax and semantics of the language before being able to start working.

Speed and Efficiency

Complex programming languages often slow down the speed at which programmers can get projects done. There is no doubt about it. When you are dealing with a complicated language, it takes a lot more effort to work out what each line means before being able to change it. This can drastically slow anyone down who wants to create a project or fix a bug.


When a programmer encounters an error, he or she may not know exactly where it came from. Sometimes the problem could have been caused because of something simple like a typo or a misplaced comma. Knowing where the mistake occurred helps programmers figure out what went wrong and how to deal with it accordingly. Having the knowledge to easily navigate the syntax and semantics of a programming language makes it easier to track down errors in the code.


People who want to become good at programming need to be able to read code written by other programmers. Reading the syntax and semantics of programming languages becomes much easier when the language uses clear variable names and consistent indentation. A clean and readable codebase makes it easier to follow along and maintain.


Programming languages are only useful if they can be ported across different operating systems without problems. While it’s true that some languages are specifically designed to run on certain platforms, many programmers tend to use languages that are portable across most platforms.

Familiarity and Repetition

Whether we like it or not, programming is repetitive. You repeat a lot of things when you write code. You copy and paste text, you type numbers, and you even memorize the correct order of brackets. The more familiar you are with a particular programming language, the less likely you are to make mistakes when you encounter similar situations again.

World Hardest Programming Languages

Let’s move to the hardware topic of the world ‘s hardest programming languages. There are not a lot of programming languages in the world and it is highly difficult to select the most difficult programming languages. But we have selected some programming languages that we should never touch as a beginner. You can see a list below of the world ‘s hardest programming languages and reasons why you did not select that programming language as a beginner.


C++, being a complex language, tends to have a long learning curve compared to languages with simpler syntax. If you want to become proficient at programming in C++, you’ll need to spend a lot of time studying different concepts and reading documentation on them. Also, many people who use C++ tend to work closely with other programmers with expertise in the language, adding to the difficulty of understanding how certain code works or fits together.

When writing code in any language, it’s good practice to check whether what you’ve written makes sense before compiling. While this isn’t impossible in C++, it does take extra effort to do so. As a result, bugs often go undetected until you try to run the program.Since C++ uses text files for storing information, editing and maintaining these files requires some knowledge of text editors. Additionally, since C++ doesn’t have automatic formatting features, you must format your code yourself.


Go doesn’t have interfaces. Which means that you cannot easily extend functionality and reuse code between types without copying/pasting code.Golang’s focus on readability over speed is a double-edged sword. Go code is often less efficient than JavaScript, which means it takes longer to complete tasks. But Go’s emphasis on clarity makes those optimizations unnecessary.In addition to these issues, Go lacks many standard library features. A lot of time is spent patching together third party libraries and writing custom ones.

R Programming

R programming is a powerful toolset for statistical computing and data analysis. It comes bundled with many useful packages that solve different problems. However, R programming is still difficult to learn for beginners. In addition, it’s not always clear what language features can make things easier or harder to accomplish.

The syntax is not always consistent in R. Most programmers prefer to use their own style, rather than follow the rules set out by the language. This makes it hard to learn if you do not know the basics first.


Java was not intended to be a beginner language. It was built for developers who already had many years of programming experience. While Java is easier than C++, it still requires a good understanding of how code works.Learning any new language takes a lot of time, especially if it’s difficult.

If you’re looking to learn Java, you should expect to spend 10 hours a week learning about Java and coding in Java. That’s more time than what most people would have available each week.A typical program may consist of tens of thousands of lines of code that run slowly. Each line of code does something specific. Most bugs in Java are due to errors that occur when reading data from files or doing operations on strings. A programmer may type out a perfectly valid piece of software without realizing he’s broken something. When this happens, the only clue might be a message printed out on screen or text file.


Haskell is a functional programming language that was initially designed in 1984 by Simon P. L. Peyton Jones at Princeton University. It combines features of both logic programming (most notably Prolog) and functional programming languages like ML and Scheme. It is notable for being a strong, statically typed, purely functional language, although it does have some dynamic features. As a result of its strictness, it is often considered to be the hardest programming language to learn.

As such, many people consider it a good choice for beginners just starting out with programming, whereas experienced programmers find it to be difficult due to its different syntax compared to their usual practices.


We have discussed a lot of programming languages and in the region why they are difficult. If you are looking for a programming language as a beginner then you can select HTML & C. I will recommend you to start with C programming because it has a good syntax that also helps you to learn more programming languages. C programming language is one of the oldest and most used programming languages. And if you want to go with very easier than you can go with HTML. HTML programming language is used to create front end of webpages and in HTML there is very low get an error.

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