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‘X-Ray’ feature now comes included with Amazon Music for more info on songs

The music streaming platform from Amazon brings a new service for the users. The new feature is named ‘X-Ray,’ where the user can get more information about the song that he is listening to on the application.

You have to update your Amazon Music to experience the new update, then play a song, and you will see the X-Ray icon with a lightning bolt and an upwards arrow at the bottom of the music player. To see the credits, tap or swipe up on the X-Ray icon, and a lot of information will pop up on your screen. You can choose the section that you want to know.

Along with the song credits, X-Ray brings many fun facts about the song, like the song’s release date, any story behind the song, how the writer was inspired to write it, etc. This new feature is already available in the new version of Amazon Music. The below image is of the new version.


This X-Ray feature was already present in the Amazon Prime Video, allowing users to give information like “Who is the actor?” or the release date of any TV show or any movie.

Amazon will display “Extra fun facts” of popular songs for the United Kingdom and the United States users. Amazon Music has implemented its new feature for ‘tens of millions’ of songs globally. So, go ahead and update your Amazon Music to know more information or fun facts about the favorite songs from your playlist.


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