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Cool moviez: The gateway to entertainment

Cool moviez is one such site. It is a viral site. Though it would be safe to mention that Cool moviez is an illegal site, you must use it at your own risk. It is a site that pirates movies and uploads them on the internet for free. The users can access this site’s movies free of cost. It doesn’t even require any subscription or any fee payment.


Cool moviez is an online movie streaming app. It circulates pirated movies and promotes entertainment. The government does not support it. It is a very useful app for movie lovers and very accessible.

Movies can relax your mind-body, and soul binge-watching good entertainment content, be it series, movies even your favourite TV shows, can automatically bring up your mood. after a long working week all we want some good entertainment content to be readily available to relieve our stress movies are excellent stress busters. Watching your favourite movie on cool moviez can lift your spirits. But many movie lovers face the problem of Not Getting their favourite movies at the required time.

If you are also facing that problem, we have covered you. This article is about one such platform that provides free entertainment, including movies, TV series, web shows, and many more. 

Cool moviez provides movies not only in Hindi but other languages as well. These languages do not range to only Hindi and English. These can be regional languages—Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, etc. You can also find Gujarati cool moviez

Cool moviez has a lot of entertainment content available on its site. Cool moviez provides movies, web shows, TV serials, commercials, and trending content.

Visual quality:

Cool moviez provides digital quality and visual quality. The content is as good and efficient as the original content. By saying that, you will not be able to make out that it is pirated content. Cool moviez, you can see videos in different high-definition qualities. This may range from high definition to advanced high definition. High-definition levels like 480 3609 are available. Some other ranges of quality are 1080p and 720p.

Cool Moviez

Stream medium:

Do many people have a question in their minds: where can they access the movie’s Cool moviez? The answer to this question is right here. Users can use different mediums to access entertainment content. This goes from user to user and will depend on their available technological device. Devices like mobile phones can be used. 

If the user has laptops or high-definition television, that can also be used for accessing the content. Users can also use any other digital device to access the content, including computers.

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Special feature:

One of the unique features of Cool moviez is that it does not require aur compel the users to open an account on their site. They have to create a username or any password to access the content on this site.

Languages and regional movies:

You can watch movies in any language you want. Cool moviez provides this feature. You can watch movies in Hindi and English. not only this, but you can also watch Gujarati movies. Bengali movies are also available. You can also watch South dubbed movies.

Cool Moviez

How to access the site?

Under the section, information regarding accessing the site is given. Go through the complete article to understand every step in detail. If you wish to download or free movies online, then you should follow these given below steps:

  • First, turn on the device through which you want to stream.
  • Now internet connection and open any search engine.
  • On that search engine, type Cool moviez and wait for the appropriate result
  • Choose the appropriate site.
  • After opening the site, you will find a search bar on the web page.
  • On the search bar, you are supposed to type the name of your favourite movie, TV show, or web series.
  • If you wish to download it, then you can press on the option of download
  • After clicking the download button, you will see a downwards Arrow, which means that your movie has started to download.,
  • If you wish to stream it online, you can watch it as it is
  • One of the steps is to access the site and start watching your movies. This is also how you can download your movie. you can share this with your friends and family and watch the movie.

Whereabouts and essential user information:

The user needs to know the site that they are accessing. To be fair with the user, these are the details regarding the Cool moviez site. The user must have information and be mindful that cool moviez is an illegal pirated site. The government does not support this site. 

By using unfair means, this site all the movies and other entertainment content online without the proper permission of their owners. The site does not follow the rules laid down by the government. Therefore, the site often is a victim of copyright infringement. The user must know that what they are saying online is not supported by the government, and it is not legal. They should watch this at their own risk.

Cool moviez is the domain by which the site is available on the internet due to copyright infringement reasons. The reason is operation and entertainment content. But the site makes sure that it comes up with the new name and new link every time. Set any time you will find this site on the internet with a different name


Domain names:

The above-given domain names are some of the names you can access on the Cool moviez site. If you wish to download any content not able to open the site, you can use any of these domain names. At any point in time, some of them would be available. There is no possibility that you cannot find any domain name working on the internet. They have an extensive base. 

Different categories and genres of movies:

The site cool moviez provides various categories and genres of movies. This may vary from happy, romantic, sad, emotional movies. 

This is not it. There are many other categories of movies available on this site, Cool moviez. Some of them are mentioned below. You can go through all of them to get an idea of what the site provides.

Privacy policy and safety issues:

Since the site cool moviez, the pirated and illegal site is not supported by the government; any use of that site is an invasion of your privacy and your digital device. You may know if you go on to download or stream any content on sky movies HD, you allow the pirated user into your device.

This device may be your phone, computer, television, laptop, or another device if you download any content, possibility that the virus of the pirated content might come into your computer as well. The site is not responsible for that.

If it comes into your computer, this virus may cause a lot of damage because it comes from a pirated source. So, you should know that by accessing time movies’ you are indirectly accessing someone else’s pirated content. The site’s content is illegal and is not supported At All by the government.


Reason for buzz and popularity:

No doubt that Cool moviez is very buzzing and popular for free online streaming and downloading of movies. Current many other reasons that contribute to its popularity. Some of these reasons might be that Cool moviez provides digital content and audio content in various formats. These formats may vary from one another.

Some might be high resolution, and some might be low resolution. If you wish to know more about the resolution and details of the videos’ definition, then you might want to look at the picture given below. From here, you can get what we are talking about.

The working and functioning of the site:

Yeah, we will tell and brief us about how the Cool moviez works. Whatever movie is released in the market, haters are immediately uploaded. This version is pirated and illegal, but the quality is still excellent.

Earlier it was brutal movies directly from theatre and converted into the pirated version. But with the growing digital age and modern technology, nothing is impossible. With the growth of various OTT online over-the-top streaming platforms, the work has become much more manageable. Some of these side like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar, and many others. Cool moviez pics of content from these Over-the-Top streaming platforms and post it on their site.

How this works:

Cool moviez screen mirror, record the latest trending movies from these Over-the-Top online streaming platforms and upload this on its site. It does not take permission from the OTT platforms for over-the-top forms to record their content. In this way, they are under the scrutiny of the government. This is an offence that falls under the criminal category listed under the guidelines given by the government of India.

Content and movies that has been leaked:

Some of the content entertainment linked till now is mentioned below. The list is too long. Cool moviez has been working for a very long time on this. The movies may range from old to new, two trending to the latest 2 Hollywood movies to Bollywood movies. The movies may be in English or Hindi and various other languages as well. These are Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, and Bengali movies.

All of these movies are of exceptionally high content and video quality. The user will not be disappointed. An A-List of some of the leaked movies of recent times has been mentioned below. You can go through them to get an idea of what the site does.

1. Radhe

2. Suryavanshi

3. KGF chapter 1

4. KGF chapter 2

5. Bahubali the beginning

6. Baahubali the conclusion

7. Krrish

8. 83

9. Avengers

10. Sabse Bada Khiladi

11. Main Hoon danger

12. Krooni Aatma

13. The Mumbai Saga

14. Avengers civil war

15. Slier makeover

16. Haseen Dilruba

17. Antic the final truth

18. Satyamev Jayate 1

19. Satyamev Jayate 2

20. Toofan

21. rocket Rashmi

22. Bunty Aur Babli 2


How to download movies:

It is very straightforward to download any movies on cool moviez. The process will take a few minutes. You can do this by going online or downloading the app. First, we talk about how to download the app.

These are the following steps-

  • open any of the digital devices that you are using to download
  • this might be your phone, laptop, computer, or television
  • check your internet connection if you do not have one, then get one
  • not turn on your device go to any search engine
  • on the search bar of the engine, type cool
  • open the appropriate site
  • after opening the site, you will find a way web page that shows many options
  • one of the options would be to download with the downward arrow
  • Click on that option
  • once you click on that option, the app will start downloading or installing on your device.

Please keep in mind that this is an illegal site and an illegal app. if this app makes any trouble to your device, you are only responsible for that. Asities are pirated and may bring in any virus to your device. This may be a hazardous virus not quickly drawn out from your computer since it originates from piracy.

Since this is an illegal site Google Play Store, you should also know that. Google listens to a responsible organization and does not support any illegal work. Therefore, you do not find this app. Play Store, and if you wish to download this app, we have to go through the above steps.

The USP features of the site:

The site is viral, no doubt. We will be discussing both to make the site popular. The site is very friendly to the users. Very easily accessible. Also, the user must know that it is the only site that has all the latest and trending content. Some of the other attractions of the site are mentioned below; please go through them:

  • extremely user-friendly site
  • easy to download
  • very easy to install the app from the website
  • online streaming is allowed
  • after downloading, offline streaming is also allowed
  • you can easily download all the movies
  • Free of cost. the site does not charge a penny from its users for all the movies content that it provides
  • very affordable
  • The site is highly accessible all the time. There is no instance where you wouldn’t find any domain or username on the internet.
  • if your someone is not very well versed with technology even, you can go through the site very well
  • it does not require any big techno genius 

What makes cool moviez stood apart:

Various reasons make Sky movies HD stand apart from its other competitors. The world is very competitive now. In a second, one might get past the other. So, to be used, you have to be the best. Such reasons make cool moviez the most popular site among the movie binges.

The reasons are mentioned below. All the latest content is available on this site. This is the very first sight of any latest and trending movie in the market. Other sites might demand any payment of fees for subscription from you. But this site would not demand any such thing. everything is free of cost

You might find content ranging from different themes and find a lot of variety. They are very fast as compared to other sites. They are the only site to have movies from regional languages as well.

All the movies are of top audio quality and video quality. You might not find a single flaw in the display. 

It also has the feature of replaying the movie After you’ve seen it once. You have the feature of fast-forwarding the movies if you do not like it. The user also gets the feature to fast forward or go back 10 seconds if they have missed out on any movie content.


The telegram channel of cool moviez:

With the growing modern technology, everybody has a telegram channel. Telegram channel comes very handily in publicity and outreach. To reach large audiences and masses, the site also has a Telegram channel for its uses. No, we will give information on how to join the telegram channel. go through the points carefully to understand

These are the steps:

  • first, on your device in which you want to download the channel
  • this might be any device
  • it can be your computer, your phone, or new television
  • you can also download it on your laptop
  • note on the device and go to your search engine
  • make sure that you have a good internet connection
  • other search engines search for type the name of the website movies HD. in
  • after doing that, be able to see a web page
  • on the page, there will be a link for the telegram channel
  • if you don’t know what Telegram is, then Telegram is a social networking app that allows you to share or read content
  • its logo is a blue colour with a small kite-like symbol made in it in white colour
  • besides the link, you will find this Logon click on that logo
  • it will show a small with the channels name
  • accept the invitation and join the channel

After you get the link, can you join the channel? You must permit the channel to access your contacts and your videos. What do this at your own risk? Since the site is a pirated site, it can be dangerous. It is illegal sand, and the government does not support it. So if anything happens, you are at your own risk.

The one joins the telegram channel; you can access all the latest movies and web shows ETV serials.

You can find movies in various languages ranging from Hindi to English. These movies could also be in Kannada and Tamil. The site has Bengali and Marathi Gujarati movies as well.

Dubbed movies :

If you wonder that you can only watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies, you are wrong. If you enjoy watching dubbed movies, this is the place for you. Cool moviez is one such site in Vaishu with a platform of options to choose your favourite dubbed movies. Does movies in various languages. You want you may find Hindi dubbed movies of South dubbed movies here.

Movies of your favourite TV series, TV actor, movie stars, and there dubbed movies online on-time cool moviez. Everything is available for free. You can access it anytime online. You can stream it online, or you can also download it. The downloading process is straightforward

to know the steps of the rounding process, you can access the article above to understand everything in thorough detail.

But it is essential to keep in mind that all of these features are associated with a legal and pirated site and are not supported by the government. 


Alternative options:

So, in order photo of a site that the government supports and is legally presented below. All these sites are legal. You can watch content on this site as well. some of the sites are Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, join cinema, MX Player, vote, Sony l I v, and many others

The government supports all the sites mentioned above legally. They follow all the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of the government. They do not post pirated content. They only have the 10th office copyright their own. Detect proper ownership from the makers of the content.

Frequently asked questions

Q) Is the site legal or illegal?

The site is illegal, and the government does not support it. This is because it dates and promotes pirated movie watching.

Q) Can you access the site for free?

Yes. This is possible. Content can be viewed and is available for free of cost. You just have to go to the online site. At the same time, some of the content can be charged if it falls under premium.

Q) Is free download possible on this site?

Yes, free movie downloading is very much possible.

Q) Does this site contain dubbed movies?

Yes, cool moviez contains dubbed movies in many regional languages, including Hindi.


The above article was all about Cool moviez sites. The site is a pirated and illegal site that provides pirated movies and other entertainment content. The government does not support the site, so the user must use it at its own risk. Details regarding its working functioning are given above. You can go through them to get Cool study moviez.



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