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How to bypass FRP lock?- thee straightforward steps to unlock

in this blog you are going to read about How to bypass FRP lock? FRP for Factory Reset Protection for keeping your device away from unauthorized users even after the device gets reset to the factory settings. You can get advanced FRP protection without facing FRP bypass. It comes with the involvement of using the ADB tool for the removal of the lock from the Android device. Here, you’ll come to know about how to bypass FRP lock.

Bypass FRP Lock by ADB Command

ADB for Android Debug Bridge refers to the utility that allows communication with the device right from the computer. Send commands and actions from a computer that will be performing on your device from TechieRide.

Certain commands use the ADB FRP bypass tool and keep away the hassles due to the lock from your device. Steps to bypass FRP with ADB are as follows.

  • Download the ADB Installer setup file.
  • Extract files from a folder on the computer.
  • Run ADB-setup.exe, and there enter the ‘Y’ to install the ADB and fastboot driver.
  • install ADB
  • Again type ‘Y’ for the installation of the device driver. It takes a few seconds to install the device drivers. With that, you can rest assured that the command Window automatically closes.
  • Power on the device and connect it to the PC using a USB cable. Go with the involvement of the USB debugging mode enabled on your device.
  • Hold Shift while right-clicking anywhere blank in the ADB folder. There you will have to navigate to the Open command window.
  • Now go with the removal of the FRP on devices via ADB commands: Type ADB FRP bypass command when you spot the Command Prompt window. But remember hitting Enter after each line.

“adb shell am start -n”

“adb shell am start -n”

On the execution of the commands, the FRP lock finds the removal from your device.

Bypassing Google FRP using FRP Bypass

You can get access to the FRP Lock bypass tool for use on Android phones by connecting with the computer. FRP bypass ensures bypassing the Google account. You can get access to the support free and compatible with Samsung, Micromax, and Motorola to some other devices. 

Steps to bypass FRP with a computer:

  • Install FRP bypass tool on a PC>>>connect device using a USB cable.
  • Run it, and then you will have to go ahead with adding details to unlock the account on your device.

Final words

You’ve learnt how to bypass FRP lock on your device with the option on a thof e quick download. With that, you can rest assured of no further troubles. That being said, protections have continued increasing, and so you will need the following method for bypassing. You can get the opportunity of fixing it in no time with the utilization of simple steps.



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