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IGTOK Generates real-time users. Do you need Instagram followers or Tiktok followers? Waiting for likes on the posts? Just use IGTOK to generate real-time views, followers and likes on any post on social media.

Introduction IGTOK:

IGTOK is a website from where one can generate followers and likes and provides so many facilities to an Individual.

IGTOK is a platform that helps an individual have likes, followers and views on the videos. This works on Instagram and Tiktok. The followers generated on the social media platforms are real, and these increase with the passage of individuals directly. 

Some so many happy customers have used the Website for their benefit. They have completed more than ten lakhs of submission requests to full fill the needs of an individual. The platform provides almost 37 premium packages for the benefit of an individual.


An individual can subscribe to its newsletter through email and phone number, where they will provide all the information on your email ID or phone number, which will keep you updated all the time about the Website. 

Having followers and likes on the social media platform is very easy, and be can be followed in three steps only. We will discuss the steps of the process later on in this article.

This article will discuss how IGTOK works and how it helps an individual in many different ways, like on Instagram, Tiktok and even how it helps a YouTuber. The packages are often likely to benefit an individual to gain popularity on social media and many more things.

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What are premium packages?

IGTOK provides the packages premium packages and even some free packages. The work of the packages is the same, and it works as a Good Marketing source for new users. The premium packages generally cost between $5 to $30.

Few packages that are more beneficial for an individual are followers on Instagram, followers on TikTok like on Instagram, views on Instagram, views on an Instagram video, like on TikTok video and most important, views on TikTok video.

How do IGTOK works?

The working of the IGTOK is very simple. It benefits the Individual to increase the followers, increase the views on videos, and increase the social media platform insights, which enhances the look of the profile of an individual. 

  • Open Google or Chrome, type IGTOK.
  • You have to open the Website of IGTOK.
  • You should select the facility do you want to have from the platform.
  • Suppose you can increase the profile visits on the Instagram platform.
  • You need to click on the panel, Instagram, then select profile views.
  • The Website will ask you to upload the account’s username to increase profile visits.
  • Enter the username and then click on the button go.
  • You will need to wait for a few minutes to get done with the first step of the process. 
  • It would be best if you didn’t close the windows during the process. It will not be done.
  • After the completion of loading, a link appears on the Website.
  • You need to click on the link to complete the process then the process is done.
  • You can check your account, the profile visits will be increased, and you have successfully created the profile visits on your Instagram account.

It would help if you kept in mind some precautions while doing the process; you should not close the windows. You must write the correct username in the search bar. To solve the problem of having low followers, your Instagram account needs to be a public account and a TikTok account.


IGTOK is a marketing tool

IGTOK works as the marketing tool for social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube. It helps you reach more audiences and widely share your content on social media platforms.

The primary aim of the makers is to use the Website as an effective marketing tool so that it will be beneficial for others to share their work through marketing and something through this Website. The Website has a frequency of users that visit the Website regularly. 

People can earn through this Website by posting or uploading the videos as this worked as a marketing tool.

It helps market the content on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube. It helps generate leads, and this is how it works as a marketing tool.


It is a social media platform where one can post pictures, shares thoughts or even can use this platform to share day to day activities with the people on Instagram. Instagram was launched back in 2010. In 2012.

Facebook Inc acquired it, and now it is known as meta. It is just a free platform for sharing posts and videos. One can follow their family members and friends on the platform. It is just another source of creating awareness or socialising in this world.

Instagram has worked as a marketing tool for many creators, and so many people need to have more followers and likes on their posts. Even with the help of Instagram, people start their businesses, and for their business, they need likes and followers. IGTOK works for them as a great tool.


Features of IGTOK for Instagram

  • Followers: The platform IGTOK helps generate real-time Instagram followers for an individual. Which helps an individual to show-offs on social media.
  • Likes: Since you are addicted to social media, you will be posting so many posts on social media, and you will be thinking of having so many likes on the post, and you will need to have more reach to the social media post. You can directly have the likes from the platform.
  • Video views: the platform allows free video views on the Instagram video or Instagram reels. This helps the one have free likes on the video of the Instagram.
  • IGTV views: IGTOK helps one have free views on the IGTV video. IGTV is an option on Instagram that allows one to post videos on the Instagram platform, and the platform can help you have a free view on the IGTV.
  • Story view: Instagram can post stories to upload photos or post any quote on Instagram. The platform iGTOK is beneficial for having free story views by real-time Instagram users.
  • Profile views: Instagram is a social media platform that allows one to keep an eye on the insists of the Instagram profile, where an Individual knows how many people have visited on the profile, likes and comments. The platform iGTOK allows an Individual to increase the number of profile viewers on Instagram and enhance an individual’s profile.
  • IGTV likes: iGTOK allows one to increase the number of likes on the IGTV video. The IGTV videos are generally long videos of at least 2 minutes or more.
  • Free explore: Instagram has very special feature turns of exploring where one can use Instagram as a tool to explore things on Instagram. The platform iGTOK allows you to get more reach on Instagram. This is how it helps an individual to have the feature of free explore.

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Benefits of iGTOK for Instagram

  • It helps to create more likes.
  • It helps to gain more followers on Instagram.
  • It Generates views on the social media platform.
  • It generates views on the IGTV video.
  • It helps to keep an eye on Instagram insights.
  • It allows users to reach globally.
  • It is best suitable for Instagram freelancers.
  • It is time-saving.
  • It is the cheapest source of generating likes and followers on Instagram.
  • It generates likes on Instagram posts.
  • It helps to explore more on Instagram by sharing posts more and more to reach the audience.


Tiktok is another social media platform where one can post small videos. The video can be funny, joke, cook recipes, or show their skills on the platform. So many people in the world are using it. It has become the fastest-growing of all the time in the world. For many people, TikTok worked as a source of income. In India, it was banned by the Indian government to keep the data of an individual safe.

The platform iGTOK is completely free for anyone to use it. It helps one increase the followers, or it can be beneficial for one to get more reach as it enables the real-time followers on the social media platform itself. 


Various benefits of IGTOK for Tiktok

  • Increase views: The platform works as the source, which helps individuals have more views on Instagram, which is completely free of cost. The Website works for the benefit of any Individual.
  • Likes: The platform Benefits many people to get more likes on the video posted on the platform Tiktok. The likes can be generated, and it ensures proper safety. 
  • Followers: Followers can be purchased from this platform, free of cost. Followers are the people who love the work or the content you have created and posted on Tiktok.

What are the features of IGTOK for TikTok?

  • It generates market leads.
  • It helps an individual to grow more.
  • It generates real-time followers.
  • It is a good source of marketing.
  • It enables one to get more social media followers.
  • It helps an individual to have more followers.
  • It helps you generate more views on the videos without sharing the account’s password.
  • It works as a marketing tool.


YouTube is a video sharing platform, which was started in back 2006. Nowadays, it works as a good source of education. Many people upload so many educational videos on the platform, which helps them reach more.

IGTOK has a facility that helps an individual share video, and it benefits the Individual by marketing the video. YouTube, which is posted on the platform, reaches more users, and the platform works as a marketing tool in day to day life. YouTube is a source Of income for many people as it allows an Individual to earn with YouTube by providing quality content on YouTube. The views, likes, and followers at any time is an essential part of YouTube as it pays the YouTuber for the time video has played on YouTube.

How much does the website cost for different services?

  • To have 500 certified fans is cost Rs. 373.
  • To have 1000 Instagram followers, it c.746.
  • 5000 Instagram followers for Rs. 2685.63.
  • To have 10,000 Instagram followers, it costs Rs. 4774.44
  • Followers on Instagram account 50,000, 
  • It charges Rs. 522.20
  • You will get 100k Instagram views for 895.21
  • To have one million Instagram views, it costs Rs. 2238


IGTOK is a good source of having followers and likes, but many more platforms are available on the internet to get the same. The platform provides organic followers, but much more is available to benefit an individual.

It helps individuals keep an eye on the activity they have been doing on social media platforms. IGTOK is helpful to create more marketing leads.


What are the alternatives available for IGTOK?

There are Alternatives available to iGTOK which works the same as the IGTOK. What does the alternative Website provide? Are these alternatives helpful to create the marketing lead in the market?

Facility to:

  • It increases Followers
  • Increase likes
  • Helps to reach more audience
  • Increase traffic on the social media platform
  • Works for Instagram
  • Increase views on the IGTV
  • It is beneficial for new users
  • Works as the marketing tool.
  • Works for Tiktok.
  • It also works for YouTube as a marketing tool.

The other alternative to iGTOK can be Viralyft, which establishes the leading supplier of social media handles. This account helps an individual to purchase Instagram followers without any doubt. Viralyft is another intensive Instagram promotional tool, and it generates organic growth. One can go for a few packs of $3 for the most basic subscription that provides you 100 genuine Instagram followers.

Other than that, there is another best option of packages: for every 250 Instagram followers, it costs $5. For 500 followers on social media, it costs $36. For more followers, the prices vary according to the number of followers.

Famoid is the innovative and effective method of generating the popularity of Instagram users who serves the content on social media platforms. The Famoid targets the audience and ensures the followers on the social media platforms. The platform also provides suggestions that may help you get more reach. 


This suggests what content you should post on social media platforms to maintain the target base. This helps you to achieve social recognition on social media platforms. When you value your reputation, you will be avoiding these kinds of websites at all costs. This feature makes your account looks terrible.

Benefits of Alternatives to IGTOK 

It is beneficial for fashion bloggers, health fanatics and any other creator to generate more followers. They will be having more exposure with the help of iGTOK. IGTOK is best when you want to meet with your social media platforms. Followers may create some interaction on the social media platform. The energy for advertising and the growth strategy of iGTOK helps to maintain the account intact.

What are the Premium packages of iGTOK available for an individual?

  1. Instagram 
  • Instagram followers
  • 500 genuine Instagram followers
  • High quality of followers, which means real-time users.
  • No password is required.
  • The Followers are generated in less time. The package costs $5, and the payment can be made through Payoneer, BTC or western union.
  • Instagram likes
  • The package includes the 250 real-time users like on the Instagram post. The work done by them is high quality.
  • Sharing the account password is not mandatory for this purpose.
  • The likes are often generated in the minimal time that it can take.
  • Payments are received to them through western union, BTS or Payoneer.
  • IGTV views
  • IGTV is the feature on Instagram that allows an Individual to share a video of more than 2 minutes to more than that, ensuring good quality content on Instagram by its users.
  • You can buy IGTV views with the help of IGTOK by following some basic steps discussed above for free, and one can go for premium packages that cost $ 13 that generate 500 real-time IGTV views.
  1. Tiktok 
  • Tiktok followers
  • Followers are real-time, and the number of followers in the package is 250.
  • No Tiktok account password is required.
  • The followers are Generated within just Thirty minutes can be made by Western Union or payooner.
  • Tiktok likes
  • The pack ensures 500 Likes on the Tiktok video. The likes are the real-time likes on the Instagram platform. It works in less time. No Tiktok Account’s password is required.
  • The package costs $3 for all.
  • The payment can be made through payooner.
  • Tiktok views
  • The package costs $26, and payment can be made through BTC or Western union. The Website ensures real-time views on the video by marketing it to its users.

How much time does it take to generate followers?

The process’s time to complete depends on how long you are staying on the Website to get the process done. It is important not to close down the Website to ensure that it is completed.

It generally takes five minutes to complete a single process either to get the followers or get the video’s likes and views.

IGTOK is helpful for many advertisers to create social media profiles looks great, and it participates in the market. While they can purchase fake bots and profiles, it is best to avoid such websites. IGTOK works to provide the highest quality features to its users. We can safely say that none of their features is so high. It enhances your Instagram reputation. As soon as you receive your package, you have followed the process. If you value your reputation, you should avoid these things by all means.


It can be concluded that IGTOK is the tool that helps many social media platforms meet their expectations of followers, likes and views by following the basic steps from the Website. The Website runs for free for many people, and many prefer to go for its premium packages, which cost between$3 to $30. One shouldn’t go for these kinds of Website’s when you don’t want to look terrible on social media platforms. There are some alternatives available to IGTOK which works the same as it works.



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