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Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing SaaS Products

Most businesses need the right software to help them run functions such as accounting, human resource management, inventory management, customer service, and many others within the business. One of the routes that have become increasingly popular for procuring software solutions for businesses and even individuals is relying on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies.

SaaS companies offer software solutions on a subscription basis, which saves businesses huge costs because there is no need for lots of hardware and complex infrastructure. However, software-as-a-service companies need to find a way to market their products because they operate in a highly competitive environment.

Marketing for SaaS is not a walk in the park, and the solution providers must know about some potential mistakes to avoid if they are to succeed in their efforts and boost their business.  Below are some mistakes to avoid when marketing your software products:

Not optimizing the use of social media 

Many business decision-makers use one or several social media platforms. One of the best ways to reach them is through these platforms. Unfortunately, some businesses, including software companies, underestimate the great impact social media could have on their businesses. 

If you want your marketing for SaaS to be successful, and achieve your goals, you must understand how you can use social media as part of your efforts. Software companies can use social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and others to reach out to new customers. In addition, businesses can use the platforms to inform existing and potential customers about their new products, upcoming features, and other important information or news. 

Failure to focus on your target audience

Although businesses in some industries can benefit from using a broad marketing approach, when you are doing marketing for your SaaS company, this may not work.  You need to focus on your target audience because they have different needs. If you have challenges identifying and focusing on your target audience you can hire experts like Rocket SaaS and they will help you in that and other ways to make your overall campaign a success. 

Not giving SEO proper attention

Most new customers will find out about the software that you are selling on a subscription basis when they conduct online searches. Therefore, if you want to succeed when marketing for SaaS, focus properly on SEO because it will bring in new customers. You must spend enough resources, including time and budget allocation on SEO, or else you will lose business to your rivals.

As you focus on SEO, keywords are crucial but also using compelling or catchy visuals is vital. Experts say that sites with a wide range of images stand better chances of getting the top spots on search engines.  In addition, using videos is a great idea and helps you secure top ranking on search engines. 

Not considering the website’s user experience 

Because websites are vital marketing tools, you must consider your site’s user experience because it makes it easier for visitors to navigate your website. It also shows customers that you’re sure of your product. Some ways to improve user experience on your site include:

  • Having an appropriate font, font size, and color that makes reading easy
  • ensuring there are no broken links or links leading to outdated data or information
  • Having relevant images but not irrelevant ones that only act as distractors
  • Leaving enough white space between your content on your blog


If you avoid the above mistakes, marketing your SaaS business should not be a challenging thing. You can also consider hiring experts to help you. 



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