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The right domain name helps you to promote your brand in the best way possible!

You must be cautious when choosing the domain name because that creates the first impression. Consequently, various factors must be considered when brainstorming a business name. Below, experts have come up with a comprehensive list of a few factors that will help you pick a great domain name. There are a few simple guidelines that you need to follow, and you are good to go. 

Be brandable

The domain name works like an identity card for the company. It works like a URL. As a result, you must ensure that it sounds similar to a brand. So how would you do that? With novelty, simplicity, and memorability. Avoid inserting numbers, hyphens, or anything else, making it sound complicated and unnatural.

The domain name carries with it a legacy. Although you also have inferior options, you can use popular options as inspiration.

Make the name pronounceable

The second point is associated with the first one that experts have provided. Although users are not likely to say the domain name loudly, pronounce ability is a fundamental factor. It is related to processing fluency. The ease with which the brain can process the information will increase your sales. So yes, you must work on a pronounceable name so it grabs every attention and it’s easier for people to remember it. How can you expect your clients to pronounce it if you cannot spell it correctly or pronounce it correctly? When people misspell the domain name, it’s challenging to figure it out. As a result, you must work on a pronounceable name that is easy to recollect and pronounce.

Keep it meaningful yet short

Shortness may help keep the domain name memorable and straightforward. But if you go too short, it may have the opposite effect. Looking at famous brands worldwide, you will see that their domain names are scarce; thus, they don’t have to depend upon abbreviations. Remember that apt divergence will harm your branding and your market position. The main point here is that you have to strike a balance. You may go for something brief, but that should be meaningful, like 4 letter domains for sale. In this scenario, various individuals use an acronym for the domain name. However, you must be cautious regarding product or domain names because that associates people with your entrepreneurship.

Use .com

When talking of extensions, you must be unique, but be careful. While new extensions such as .pro or .me might feel catchy, .com is always an attractive option. Around 3/4th of the websites as an extension. So now that you think of your website domain name, rely on .com rather than using .co or .net.

Avoid trademark confusion

The best-performing domain names are distinctive. It must be easy to remember but not easy to be confused. Remember that every brand comes up with something attractive. So now that you are an entrepreneur, you must work on originality. If the domain name infringes on the trademark, you may be sued and compelled to give up on that domain name. 

So before you register the domain name, you must check to see whether it accommodates the trademark laws.



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