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5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android | Top Photo Editor for Android

Everything is online and everyone wants to edit pictures to upload on social media. If you like to image editing and looking for a best app for video editing then this article only for you.

Today we are going to discuss about Best 5 Image editing software for Android phone in 2022.


Snapseed is my favorite app for image editing. I use it for both Instagram and Facebook posts. It’s free and has a tonne of filters and effects. It has a nice set of features including face detection, cropping, straightening, sharpening, etc.

Features Of SnapSeed

  • Color adjustment tools You can adjust color tones using the hue/saturation tool. You can make colors darker or lighter by adjusting their saturation. To adjust contrast, use the curves tool. To adjust exposure levels, use the brightness/contrast tool.
  • Layer editing tools The layer masking option lets you edit individual layers without affecting others. You can view the effect in real-time while making adjustments. You can easily remove objects from the image – simply select them and press Delete. You can duplicate a layer, merge two layers together, create frames around images, and much more.
  • Adjustment brush tools Use the paint bucket tool to apply specific adjustments to the entire image, or just selected regions. Use the soft round brush to add textures and fine details, and the hard round brush to sculpt out shapes. The pencil tool is great for drawing on an image.
  • Gradient tool Gradients allow you to fill in specific areas of the image with a single color or gradient. Use the radial gradient tool to create curved gradients, or the linear gradient tool to draw horizontal or vertical lines across the image.
  • Image blending options Blending modes let you mix two different images together to achieve unique effects. There are 8 blend types to choose from, including normal, multiply, screen, overlay, darken, lighten, color dodge, and hard light. Each mode offers its own set of settings that let you control how the two images interact.
  • Drawing tools Draw freehand lines and shapes over your image. Draw shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, stars, arrows, polygons, ellipses, and many more. Use any of the 50 custom brushes included in Snapseed to give your line work unique texture and styles.


I love using VSCO cam, it’s a great camera app if you want to try out different styles. You can choose a style and apply it instantly or over time. Also, you have full control over exposure and white balance.

Features of VSCO cam

  • Filters Filters allow you to change the color saturation of images, control the contrast, add vignettes (a soft edge), adjust white balance, apply blur effects, and much more. You can use filters in both portrait and landscape orientations. To access VSCO’s extensive collection of over 500 filter presets, simply select “+Presets,” then “+Filter Preset” at the top right corner of the screen. If you prefer to create your own custom filter preset, click the “+Preset” button next to +Filter Preset at the top right corner. Once you have selected and saved a preset, you can apply it to any image directly from the app.
  • Portrait Mode Create beautiful portraits using the unique feature of Portrait Mode. While shooting in Portrait mode, press the shutter button halfway down to lock focus and exposure settings. Then, tap anywhere in the frame to take a single shot, or tap again to shoot continuously. When taking continuous shots, your camera will automatically pause after 10 seconds to give you time to compose a second portrait before you release the shutter button.
  • Live Light Meter The VSCO Camera’s powerful live light meter measures not only the brightness of an image, but also its metered exposure value (EV). Use this information to make adjustments to your lighting setup to ensure proper exposures throughout your shoot. This includes knowing how to expose a scene for different types of scenes, whether they involve backlighting, bright sun, low-light situations, etc.
  • RAW Support If you shoot primarily JPEG format images, the VSCO Camera app offers advanced editing tools for those who want to do their final edits on raw files. All it takes is a few taps and the app will convert your RAW files to JPGs. From there, you can edit individual photos or export them in various formats.
  • Automatic Batch Processing Save yourself time by enabling the automatic batch processing function. Any time you upload a group of photos, the App will automatically process and organize them. Selecting the appropriate category will help you find each file faster.
  • Retouch Tools While some people may only need basic retouching tools, others might need even more advanced ones. In addition to the usual suspects like cropping, red eye correction, and blemish removal, the VSCO app also comes equipped with several other unique features. One of them is the Magic Eraser tool, which lets you remove unwanted objects like stray hairs and specks that accidentally got captured in your frames.
  • Panorama Creation You no longer have to manually stitch together multiple shots to capture panoramic views. Instead, you can use the VSCO Camera to automatically combine multiple photos into a seamless 360° panorama. Simply hold down the volume button while taking pictures and the app will automatically assemble them in a perfectly straight line.

Layershift Photo Editor

Layershift lets you adjust brightness/contrast, add color tint, and remove objects from images. If you want to edit your photos without losing quality, this is definitely the app for you.

Layershift Photo Editor Features

  • Edit Layers This feature lets users create their own customized layers and adjust them easily. You can change colors, opacity, and even add text. You can also use this tool to make your image look super smooth using the eraser tool.
  • Filter Editor The filter editor lets you manipulate your images before they go out to social media. You can apply filters to your pictures as well as set them to auto-adjust.
  • StickersEditor Add stickers to your photos with ease! There are hundreds of sticker templates to choose from, including animals, buildings, maps, food items, and much more.
  • Photo Effects Photo effects let you edit your images in ways that you never thought possible. Use various blur, brightness, contrast, and many more settings to give your pictures the perfect touch.
  • Video Trim Video trim is a great way to remove unwanted parts of your videos while keeping the essence of what you want to share. This is especially useful if you have just recorded the beginning of a video and would like to end it at a certain point.
  • Background Replacement If you’re tired of taking a picture of your background and then having nothing to post with it, this is the solution for you! Just take a picture of any blank space at home, work, or anywhere else and replace its background with it. Now you can take a picture of ANYTHING and get to enjoy it!
  • Collage Maker Create stunning collages without knowing how to draw or use apps! Give yourself creative freedom with this fun and intuitive tool. Combine images right into a collage that you can save or send to friends and family.


Pixlr-o-matic comes with a huge variety of templates to make edits right away. You can change colors, brush size, and text style. There are thousands of tutorials online to help you get started.

  • Free online photo editor Pixlr-o-Matic is free online photo editing software that allows anyone to edit their own pictures and make them look amazing without any coding knowledge. You don’t need to worry about what program you’re using or where to download it from, since Pixlr-o-matic is 100% free. Just click “Edit” on a picture, choose tools, adjust settings to suit your preferences and then save.
  • Over 1,100+ filters Pixlr-o -matic boasts over 130 different filters including artistic effects, vintage looks, retro styles, frames, and many others. Use them to add fun filters to your creations, or go completely freestyle and get creative with new ideas. If you want to learn how to use these filters, just watch our tutorials.
  • Amazing effects There’s a wide variety of filters in Pixlr-o-matics library ranging from artistic effects to funky ones, to give a cool effect to your pictures. Whether you’re looking for something simple or complex, Pixlr-o-Matric has got you covered.
  • Easy to use All edits are done right inside the app. No messing around with complicated menus; just drag and drop to apply the effects to your pictures. Start now by clicking “Edit”.
  • Edit your pictures anywhere You can access Pixlr-o-matsi at no cost anywhere you have internet connection. You’ll find it in the menu bar of your browser. Once installed, you’ll never need to leave the app again.
  • Share your work You can share your edited images directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Google+, Instagram or even email. Also upload your photos to Picasa, SmugMug, Dropbox, Box, Flickr, 500px, MEGA, and more. Uploading to sites like Picasa and SmugMug is great if you’d like to try out some of the more advanced filters before sharing, but feel free to skip it if you’d rather not.
  • Keep your work private Your privacy is always protected. Only you and Pixlr-o- Matics’ administrators will ever view your personal information. We won’t pass on your data to third parties either, so you don’t have to worry about someone else seeing your content.
  • Works with mobile devices Pixlr-o Matics works perfectly on mobile phones and tablets. From the iPhone to Android smartphones, Windows Phones, iPads, tablets, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC One, Motorola Xoom and Kindle Fire, we’ve got you covered. And, once you’re finished editing your pictures, you can easily send them to your favorite social network via a QR code or text message.
  • Compatible with almost everything You can edit images from cameras, scanners, cameras, webcams, video game consoles and digital still cameras. It supports most major image formats (including PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and RAW).
  • Create custom themes Want to create your own set of themed effects? Pixlr-o- matic has you covered. Simply choose your theme, pick your desired effects and customize your theme however you chose.

Auto Awesome

Auto Awesome is a simple tool that makes quick edits to your pictures. All you need to do is select what kind of filter you would like to use (eg. sepia tones) and then choose the amount you would like to add.

Auto Awesome Editor

  • Auto Awesome Editor The auto awesome editor is a great tool for anyone who wants to edit their own images without having to spend hours trying to figure out how they work. You can easily add text to any picture in just a few steps and even animate them if you want!
  • Photo Masking Tool This tool allows you to choose a portion of the image that you’d like to mask and then remove it, leaving only the elements of the original image visible. In addition, you can also use the masking tool to apply special effects to the masked area and create unique compositions.
  • Crop & Rotate Use the crop and rotate tools to easily select and move around objects in your image and rotate them to give your photos a unique look. This feature automatically detects faces, people, animals, and landscapes while cropping out unwanted parts of your image. You can adjust the amount of rotation before saving your changes.


In this article we have discussed 5 Best Image Editing Apps For Android in 2022. If you like this article share it with your friends and for further query just comment below now.

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