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Influencer Marketing | Tips to become an Influencer

Influencer marketing refers to all types of strategies a brand uses to get influencers (people who have influence over others) involved in advertising campaigns. Influencer marketing is just one form of social media marketing and has become increasingly popular due to its success in both digital and traditional forms of marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the practice of leveraging relationships with influencers to reach consumers directly. In 2016, 89% of Millennials said they would consider using the services of an influencer marketer if recommended by their peers. An influencer is simply someone who has a lot of influence over the target audience – either positive or negative.

That’s why brands use them to spread awareness about their business. While the definition of an influencer changes depending on industry, an influencer is generally someone whose opinion matters to their followers. By building strong networks and developing authentic online personas, influencers have the potential to push the right messages at the right time, increasing brand awareness and sales.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

There are several platforms which help businesses find the right influencers to work with. These platforms provide companies with access to thousands of influencers, helping them connect with people who share a similar passion, lifestyle, or occupation. Most Influencer Marketing Platforms do not handle any payment processing, leaving companies to take care of that themselves.

How to identify Influencer for Marketing?

There are many ways to identify influencers and select the best ones for your campaign. Below we offer a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Identify Your Audience How do you decide what type of content appeals to your audiences? You should identify your audience first before choosing your influencers. Once you know who exactly you are targeting, it is easier to find the right influencers since you already have a clear picture of your ideal customer. Consider where your customers spend most of their time online (e.g. Pinterest, YouTube), and make sure to seek out those influencers who cater to your target consumer base.
  2. Find Out What Kind Of Content People Are Interested In Asking your own customers what topics they are interested in will give you insight into what kind of content your influencers should produce. If your customers are interested in certain products, then ask them what they think about these items. Ask questions such as “What makes you happy?” or “What motivates you? When you ask questions like these, you can learn valuable information that will help you choose the perfect influencers for your campaigns.
  3. Follow Them On Social Media To See How Their Posts Perform Once you have identified the right influencers, it is time to start following them online. Make sure you follow them on both Twitter and Instagram. Since these two social media channels are different, you need to pay attention to each one. Note how often their posts perform well and whether it was a recent post or one they did months ago. This way you can determine which influencers deliver great results consistently, giving you confidence moving forward.
  4. Look At Comments And Retweets As A Way To Determine Who Has The Most Influence If you want to find top-performing influencers, look at comments and retweets on their posts. Analyze these statistics to figure out who has the most influence over your audience. Pay close attention to those users who receive lots of retweets or comments and use this information to create your list of influencers.
  5. Do Not Be Afraid To Reach Out To Influencers Directly You may notice some influencers respond to your emails and request pictures of your company or product. This is perfectly appropriate! However, do not spam your influencers. There is no harm in reaching out to influencers who have been responsive to your business, but do not send them dozens of requests per day. Remember that your influencers work hard to earn your trust and reputation. They will appreciate it when you respect their time and space.

How do influencers make money?

Influencers typically get paid per engagement. Engagement can be anything from someone liking their post, subscribing to their channel, reposting content, commenting on their Instagram page, etc. Influencers earn money based on a variety of metrics, including comments, likes, views, shares, and retweets.

What type of posts should I share?

There’s no rule saying you have to promote only certain products. There are just some types of posts that tend to perform best. Here are some examples of what works well:

  • Promote your brand – Share images of yourself wearing your clothing line, using your product, holding shopping bags, etc.
  • Create memes – Memes are great for promoting your brand because they’re quick and easy to create. Find popular images online and edit them to highlight your company’s message. Examples include editing pictures of animals to show off your animal print collection or making a meme out of a quote about your business.
  • Giveaways – If you run a contest where people can win prizes, then you’ll want to share those announcements. You can use contests to promote your own product or give away free samples of a larger product line. – Events – If you host an event (like a fashion show or party), then you’ll want to make sure to announce it on social media. People love updates about events!

What kind of content should I avoid sharing?

Avoid posting any content that may be considered spammy or look unprofessional. These tips will help you find what’s right for each platform:

  • Don’t sell anything – Sharing pictures of your latest purchase won’t play well on Instagram and Facebook, even if it’s something you bought at Nordstrom. Posting a link to an affiliate website will not work either.
  • Be relevant – Your audience isn’t looking for sales pitches. Focus on providing value instead of selling.
  • Avoid self promotions – When you post, remember that your account isn’t necessarily an advertisement for your business. That means you shouldn’t talk about yourself unless it’s relevant to the subject matter.


In this article we have discussed Influencer Marketing and shared some tips to become a influencer. If you want to be a influencer share this article with your friends and for any further queries just comment below now.

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