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5 Things that Make TheWiSpy Better than Other Spy Programs for Android

From the saturated spy software marketplace, it requires over a few enticing features to stick out genuinely. After all, people don’t ever want to waste their money on a tool which puts them in a risk of getting exposed for participating in a practice that they want to maintain a secret.

The last few years have seen the growth and decline of a high number of best spy apps for android. Just a few of them have managed to keep pace with the changing requirements of the marketplace. One of these apps, TheWiSpy, stays significantly prominent. At first glance, it comes off as just another spy program offering nothing from the ordinary. However, after you genuinely dig deeper into the nifty program, you begin to unravel its possible and realize what a massive jackpot you have hit.

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The Supreme Detective:

TheWiSpy Android spyware

TheWiSpy is adept at sneaking into someone’s phone and revealing their dirty secrets. It lets you view everything from their surfing history and SMS conversations to the videos and pictures stored on their phone. When it’s a kid you are keeping an eye on, a worker who never completes his work in time or a cheating partner that you’re searching to catch red-handed, this powerful spy app allows you to do this with unprecedented simplicity. Head over to, download the program to the target device, follow the provided instructions, and you are set.

Ears Everywhere:

TheWiSpy makes you feel you are almost present with the individual you want to spy. It functions as your ears, letting you listen to even the most private conversations without getting captured. It records uploads and calls them to your user accounts, ensuring that you do not miss a single word of this conversation. The same style also records the environment to keep you conscious of the kind of environment and business that the individual you’re keeping tabs on is in. This is something, not every spy app provides. What makes TheWiSpy a jewel is that unlike other apps featuring a similar feature, it does not raise any suspicion by affecting the call quality or making a beeping sound when recording calls.

A Reliable Radar:

While traditional Android spyware don’t track the place in the lack of GPS; any limitations do not bind TheWiSpy. It never bothers you as it chooses signals from a nearby Wi-Fi network or radio tower. This is among the most popular features among employers who make sure their mobile workforce is not using the time away from workplace premises to fulfil private duties. To put it differently, it’s virtually present with the person you want to keep tabs on 24/7. Additionally, it allows you to get location alarms after predetermined intervals, a characteristic that has taken spying to the new level.

No More Rooting Headaches:

Most of those spy apps claim that they don’t demand rooting the Android device, but the reality often ends up to be wholly different. These apps require you to root on the device to enjoy their advanced features. TheWiSpy android spyware is a few programs that enable you to enjoy all of its features without rooting the device. Luckily, this spy program does not burden you with an unnecessary requirement. Is not it great?

Never Leaves You from the Cold

Sspy program vendors provide limited or no after-sales customer solutions, leaving buyers frustrated as they have nowhere to go in case of confusion or problem. TheWiSpy team knows the value of its customers and remains by their side all the time. It has a large team of specialist, experienced and friendly customer support representatives prepared to serve you anytime you would like. This feature might appear ordinary, but it turns out to be somewhat helpful, especially if you are using the spy app for the first time in your lifetime.



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