Which Is Better Vps V/S Could Server Hosting

Which is Better VPS v/s Cloud Server Hosting

Are you confused between the VPS v/s Cloud Server Hosting? What is VPS Private Server Hosting? What the difference between the features of the VPS and Cloud Server Hosting? If you are looking for these types of question, then you are landed on the right page, here we are going to discuss the VPS and Cloud Server Hosting.

So, here are the topics that we are going to discuss in this article below, are mentioned below: –

  • What is VPS Server Hosting?
  • What is Cloud Server Hosting?
  • Who should buy VPS and Cloud Hosting?
  • Conclusion

What is VPS Server Hosting?

VPS Server hosting provides you the fast speed, great response time, and many other special features and services that help your site boost its performance. VPS Server hosting is a type of web hosting where you are provided with a Virtual Dedicated Server that allows you to host your website on that virtual server. If you are looking for the best and flexible VPS host, then we recommend you check HostingRaja’s VPS Server hosting plans. Read more about HostingRaja

Which Is Better Vps V/S Could Server Hosting

Features of VPS Server Hosting: –

So, it’s time to know the features of VPS Server Hosting. Here are the features of the VPS server Hosting, are described below: –

  • Guaranteed Resources: VPS Server hosting provides you the Guaranteed resources. This is one of the best things with VPS server hosting, that here you are provided with the dedicated virtual server, where the resources yours can not be used by someone else.
  • Boost Site Performance: VPS Server Hosting improves and boosts up the performance of your website. With the Dedicated VPS Servers, there are fewer chances that your site will go down.
  • Virtual vCPU: You may have seen that when have checked about the VPS Servers, there it is written that you will be provided with 4core vCPU, 8core vCPU, which means when you are provided with the Virtual server then you are also getting the Virtual CPU with your hosting, that reflects more security.
  • Premium Technical Support: VPS Server hosting requires a good knowledge of technical resources and how to use and apply those technical resources on your website. Whenever you face any issue with the technical process or with your VPS Server Hosting, then will be a 24/7 Technical Support team available that will always ready to help and solve your queries.
  • Flexibility: VPS Servers are flexible and provide you all the features and services that you get in dedicated hosting, the only difference is about the virtual and physical dedicated server. You get all the advanced and premium features that you get under dedicated servers.
Vps V/S Could Server Hosting

Types of VPS Server Hosting: –

So, there are two different types of VPS Server Hosting, that are described briefly below: –

  1. Managed VPS Server Hosting: Managed VPS Server Hosting means that you are getting all the backend issues and work done by the technical team of your hosting. You don’t have to worry about the technical issues and updates, and you can focus more on your work and business.
  2. Unmanaged VPS Server Hosting: Unmanaged VPS is completely parallel to the Managed VPS. Here you have to take care of your technical issues and updates. You can take the help of your customer support team to solve the issues but have to do it on your own.

What is Cloud Server Hosting?

Cloud Server Hosting is another type of Web Hosting where are provided with a cloud-based server and you host your website and data on the cloud servers.

The one major benefit of having the cloud server is that the chances of going your site down are zero.

Whenever the server of your host goes down, your site bounced to the next high available server by the cloud and your site goes live and available.

Features of Cloud Server Hosting: –

Time to know and discuss the features of the Cloud Server Hosting. So, here are the features that you are provided with the Cloud Server Hosting, are described below: –

  • Flexibility: Cloud Hosting provides flexibility to its users that the user can access his cloud files from any of his devices. Users get responsive and active servers that are always active under flexible prices.
  • Save Money: Cloud servers are cheaper and good than the other premium hosting plans. They provide you a cloud-based server that is active almost all the time, which means there are no chances that your site will go down.
  • Automatic Updates: Cloud Server helps you to save your time by automatically updating your new updates on cloud hosting, which allows you to more focus on your work without worrying about the updates.
  • More Security: Cloud Server Hosting means you are provided with high security automatically. Because there are very few chances to get an attack on the cloud servers. Cloud Servers are more secure than any other Server Hosting.

Types of Cloud Server Hosting: –

Cloud Server Hosting is of two types, we are going to discuss them briefly below here: –

  1. Managed Cloud Hosting: Again, Managed Cloud Server Hosting allows you to work freely without worrying about technical issues and updates because all that task will be done by the technical support team of your hosting provider.
  2. Unmanaged Cloud Hosting: Whereas under Unmanaged Cloud Hosting, you have to take care of issues, bugs, and problems that come on your cloud server hosting. Here you have to manage both the cloud server and your website. You can take the help of your customer support team that is available for you 24/7.

Who should buy VPS and Cloud Hosting?

If you ask us this question, then it is quite difficult to answer the question, as both of these are the best and premium hosting and provides you the premium features and services that allow you to experience the best performance.

If you are a website owner who doesn’t want to worry about technical issues and wants fully managed to host, then you should choose Cloud Hosting. You can also check the famous blogs to read where you can find more helpful content. Whereas if you are a website owner who a good technical knowledge and wants root and SSH access to your server, then you should go for VPS Server Hosting.


Time to wrap with this article, if you have cleared your doubts on this topics, then let us know, but if not, then write a comment to us and we will help you to solve and answer your doubts.

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