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Top 10 Reasons Not to Use a Free Website Builder

As they say, nothing in this world comes free. So, the website builders claiming to help you develop free websites may incur some hidden charges for the services they offer without your knowledge. Therefore, you must be completely aware of what the website builder is capable of offering before you start building your site on this platform. 

Moreover, you may not have the flexibility to create a fully functional website with a free website builder. Of course, that’s not the case with the popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. Such web frameworks don’t entirely allow you to build websites free of cost and may charge a reasonable amount when you have to integrate a premium plugin. 

Besides, it is noteworthy that they don’t have any hidden charges or agenda when they allow users to utilize their open-source codes. However, it isn’t the case with all the free website builders present out there. It becomes essential to verify the transparency of the website builder before making any decision. 

Here, you will see some of the reasons why using a free website builder isn’t advisable.

Reasons to not Choose a Free Website Builder 

Free Hosting

Problem – When you use a free hosting service for your website, it really doesn’t have any professional weightage. Your business is just like several other free websites present on the internet that have no value to offer to the audience. You can’t customize the URL and keep it as per your brand name, and it is difficult for your target audience to remember. 

Solution – You can choose a best hosting service provider of your choice and use it for your website. Or, you can select developing with renowned CMS platforms and avail customized domain names. 

Force shut down of the website 

Problem – If you are choosing to build a completely free website, there are possibilities that your account is canceled or the website is removed. Such situations occur when you have violated any terms and conditions. Or, the free website builder itself is running out of your business. 

Solution – It is better to choose a renowned CMS platform that doesn’t possess such foreclosing threats. 

Poor loading speed and scalability 

Problem – If you are using a free website builder, it is evident that your website will be hosted on a shared server. And evidently, your site loading speed will be affected because of limited bandwidth as hundreds of sites are loaded in the shared server. The audience will quickly leave your site if it takes any longer than 3 seconds to load. 

Besides, if your viewers’ count tends to increase in the future, your site may crash as the free web builders don’t help much with the scalability factor. 

Solution – You must use a CMS platform capable of developing scalable sites or professional web design and development services to create scalable and quick to load websites. 

Security concerns 

Problem – A free website builder is obviously not going to pay enough attention to your website’s security. Your site is hosted on a shared server in this case. If one of the websites from the shared server is hacked, your site will be exposed to greater risk. 

Solution – You should try optimizing your site for any security vulnerabilities to mitigate the risk. In this regard, you can invest your time and effort in popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, etc., as they offer advanced security plugins for use. 

Minimal Customization option 

Problem – The free website builders don’t provide customization options to developers. They have access to bland or cluttered templates that aren’t preferred by businesses. 

Solution – If one wishes to create unique and engaging websites, they must customize the existing modules. It will help their business gain more customers. 

Poor Search engine optimization

Problem – While digital marketing has become an essential part of today’s web development process, developing websites with SEO considerations is necessary. And, free website builders don’t provide many free SEO tools. 

Solution – Developers can use premium SEO tools if the client wishes to develop an SEO-optimized website. 

Limited monetizing opportunities 

Problem – If you plan to develop a website that can make you money, using a free website builder will be a mistake. You must avoid making this mistake as several free web builders don’t allow you to monetize a site or place an ad on your website to generate revenue. 

Solution – Going for renowned web frameworks like Drupal, WordPress, Magento will eliminate such possibilities. 

Migration issues 

Problem – Since your site is initially free of cost, some website builders may provide you with limited access to data and analytics. If you have limited access to data, migrating to a different platform can become a real issue. 

Solution – Choosing a renowned CMS platform that is easy to migrate and has a low to a negligible elimination chance will be the best choice. 

Experience and Performance 

Problem – Your website’s performance won’t be very optimum if you choose a free web builder. As a result, the page loading speed, scalability, flexibility, design, navigation, responsiveness, etc. will be compromised to a certain extent.  

Solution – If you wish to have improved site performance, you need to build a robust website on a reliable and updated CMS platform. You can also hire professional web developers to get the best results. 

 Limited support opportunities

Problem – Your website might face several issues while development and even after it. And, free website builders won’t provide you the necessary support. You might have to research on your own to fix the issue or rely on help achieved from community forums. 

Solution – The situation isn’t the same if you use popular CMS platforms as they readily provide customer support to help you fix the issue. 

Users will have a better experience while developing websites if they acquire a web development company’s assistance. Auxesis Infotech is one such organization that delivers web solutions to customers and helps them build robust and secure websites. The seasoned developers, designers, and testers onboard will provide you with the necessary assistance to make your web development experience pleasant. 




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