Top 10 Best Video Converter Tool For Windows And Mac
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Top 10 Best Video Converter Tool for windows and Mac

The video converter tools are used widely to convert the format of video files into another. The quad was the first video format that was developed around 1956. After the development of the quad, many video formats developed due to advancements in technology and the demand of contemporary time. These tools provide you the best and easy method to convert one type into another. These tools can be used in professional work as well as home video editing. 

But the video converter used in professional works contains many additional features which aren’t available in simple video converter tools. So due to increasing the significance of these tools day by day in our life, we will introduce you to the top 10 best video converters for Windows and Mac OS that you should try at least once in your life for a better experience in video editing. 

List Top 10 Best Video Converter Tool

1 Uniconverter

 This tool is the best for video editing which can solve many issues related to video conversion. The Uniconverter allows you access with over more than 1000 different audio and video formats. The fast processing speed is the strength of this tool. 

Best Video Converter Tool

Features: – 

  • Convert DVD to any format. 
  • Download videos
  • Create GIFs
  • Compress any video. 

2. Movavi

It is the best premium tool for video conversion into multiple formats. The speed of this tool is also unbeatable. If you are looking for any video and MP3 converter who can convert multiple batches of files into desired formats, then you must opt for this video converter tool. 

Best Video Converter Tool

Features: – 

  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS. 
  • Convert sample act as guider before editing your main media files. 
  • It can easily convert more than 180 image, audio, and video formats.
  • The free version is also available

3. Winx HD video converter Deluxe

This tool is specially built for commercial ad studios and freelancers. You can use this tool as a multifunctional video editing tool that consists of many special features. The level 3 hardware acceleration technology of Winx HD video converter deluxe can process video at high speed which is about 47 times more than in real-time. You can read complete review on Softwareuseful



  • Provide access to more than 1000 sites for downloading the videos.
  • Photo slideshows can be generated
  • Editing, cropping, and merging of video files at a faster speed
  • This tool has the special ability to extract the audio from the video files 

4. AVS video converter

  This tool is available for window use only. This tool possesses special features for decoding the video formats so that you can access multiple formats. AVS video converter supports the various format of video files for conversion. 


Features: – 

  • The quality of the video files remains unchanged. 
  • You can upload videos on social media by using this amazing tool.
  • Available for Windows
  • Conversion in multiple formats including WMV, MOV, MPEG4, VOB, MTS, and so many more. 

5. Leawo video converter

The leawo video converter is used to create 3D movies, uploading your files on social media, etc. More than 180 formats are accessed by this best video converter tool. Apart from editing video files, this tool permits you to watch movies online. The leawo video converter is the best video converter tool that can convert 2D as well as 3D files. 


Features: – 

  • Creating 3D videos into six different effects from HD/common video files. 
  • User friendly
  • Adding video effects, adding watermark, or trimming/cropping.
  • Professional video cutting features.

6. Powerdirector 365

This is the best free video converter tool that you can download in your window as well as macOS without any complications. The power director 366 helps you to create high-quality video conversion in fast speed with excellent processing speed. This tool comes with many features which are specially created for editing professionals. 


Features: – 

  • Lots of editing features
  • Best collage designer
  • Access to convert video files into various formats
  • Blending mode.

7. itubeGo

iTubeGo is a video converter tool that has amazing features so that you enjoy downloading videos from youtube at a fast speed. By using this amazing tool you can convert media files into 20+ formats that are suitable for almost all devices. 


Features: – 

  • Bulk downloading of videos from youtube. 
  • Provide access to more than 10000 sites including social media sites to download the media files. 
  • High privacy
  • Best quality in converted video files. 

8. NCH Prism video converter

You can use this tool for your window as well as Mac OS. The NCH prism video converter allows you to record the screen activity with high-quality audio and it supports editing, cropping of video files including ultra HD files. It also helps you to retrieve your damaged data easily and safely. 


Features: – 

  • It provides you an option to convert video files into more than 1000 available formats. 
  • GIFs creating
  • Screen recording with audio
  • User friendly and easy to use. 

9. Any video converter

This tool is available in both free as well as premium mode. You can unlock unlimited features by using the premium of this tool for only $59. You can convert a video into various formats and after conversion, the video can be safely saved into the device without any virus hazards. Any video converter is the best video converter tool if you are looking for converting small files into various formats. 


Features: – 

  • The free version is also available
  • Extraction of the audio from the video files
  • Ultra HD conversion
  • User-based interface

10. Free make video converter

This is another video converter tool in the free category which is specially designed for homework purposes such as freelancing. It supports the conversion of more than 500 video formats on a single platform. You can also access many sites including YouTube, daily motion by using this amazing video converter tool. This tool is available for Windows only.


Features: – 

  • Fast processing speed
  • Cloud connect
  • Target quantizer
  • Easy Cropping or trimming of media files. 

Conclusion: – 

In this article, we introduce you to the top 10 best video converter tools for Windows and Mac OS. We include both premium as well as a free tool. The selection of tools depends upon your requirements but you must use premium tools if you’re a professional video editor. These video converters not only convert video files into many formats while reducing their size without compromising the video quality. In our article, we include many tools which are capable of audio extraction from the video files easily and you can save them on your device.

 We are hoping that you go through all the tools which we provide in our article and you will be able to select the best video converter tool which can fulfill your requirements. If you have any queries related to video converter tools you are welcomed to contact us any time. Have a nice day!

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