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Top 10 Screen Recorders For Professional Videos

Today it is much easier to create videos quickly and easily with a screen recorders, thanks to the advancement of web technology. With so many options available, where do you start to pick one that works for you? Check out this top 10, for sure you get one that works for you.

Top 10 screen recorders

Without further ado, we leave you the list that we have created:

Screencast O-matic

It is one of the applications that is often used to teach online classes. One of the advantages is that it allows you to create videos of up to 15 minutes that you can save in Google Drive folders.

Screencast software

A leading screencast software that is used to record professional videos easily and share them instantly. You may use this screen recording tool to record through your webcam, screen and audio. 


It’s an online screen recorder which means you don’t need to download any program on you PC. It has a video editing tool built in. And It’s relatively cheap, too. 

Wondershare DemoCreator

Are you looking for an easy and simple tool to use, and at the same time maintain an expected level of quality? With DemoCreator you do it in three steps: record, edit and share.

It is a multipurpose screen recorder , that is, it can be used for demos, tutorials, vlogging, presentations, video games, teaching, sales, logical sequences of web code, among other possible uses.


This tool is used to record simple and fast videos. When you finish recording, you can cut out any part you need and at once save the link to the clipboard to paste in any chat or on the web.


Ideal for recording instructions from the screen. It is ideal for gifs that you can then embed on a web page you are working on.


It allows you to create simple videos that do not require editing. You can use it directly in the browser without having to download a program. It is a matter of recording, downloading and uploading to the web.


It has a screen recorder built in. This application is ideal if you have separate files. There are times when the audio, additional images, and video are separated. FlexClip helps to put them all together from the web application.

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This tool allows you to record the screen and synchronize the information with the mobile device. It is a cross-platform application as it works for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. If you work a lot on the phone, this app can be of great help.


This web application has default settings for YouTube videos, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook covers, presentations, and video memes.

Screen Capture

This online screen recorder has the advantage that it is in Spanish and is free. It can also be used without having to download it and they guarantee the privacy of the information. Another feature is that it saves the videos in HD. Of course, you have to pay to remove the watermark.


Whether you are looking for the most suitable application for professional videos, whether you are an engineer, vlogger , teacher, salesperson or gamer, it is a good idea to try each of the recommended applications so that you can make your own judgment and use the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Do you need to decide now? So, the answer is RecordCast for the great versatility it has when creating any type of video through screen recording, audio and webcam, and with customizable settings.



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