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How to cancel Netflix Membership

Remove bank account from Netflix

Do you know that as soon as your Netflix’s one-month time is over, then Netflix automatically deducts its charge from the card? For this Netflix does not require any OTP.

There is no method to manually remove a bank account in Netflix. But you can ask the question by going to the help center of Netflix by doing the Removal of Payment method.

When the payment method is removed from your account, Netflix will no longer be able to charge that payment method until you add it again to the Netflix account.

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Cancel Netflix Membership Subscription

1.Open the Netflix app
First of all, you have to open the Netflix app.

2. Click on More
After this, you have to click on more on the bottom right corner.
Cancel Netflix Membership

3. Account
Now you have to click on account.

4.Cancel Membership
After clicking on the account, you have to choose the browser.
As soon as you click in the browser, all the details of your account will be shown to you.
After this, you have to scroll down further and then click on Cancel Membership.
remove a bank account from Netflix

5. Finish Cancellation
clicks Finish Cancellation.

6. Reason
Now you will be asked the reason why you want to cancel the membership.
Netflix subscription cancel

7. Restart membership
Now you will see that a page will open in front of you in which restart membership will be written.
If you want to take membership again, then you click on restart membership.

Note- If there is some time for your Netflix membership to end and still you cancel membership, then you can use it as long as your membership is there.


I hope you have understood today’s Post-Cancel Netflix Membership | How to remove a bank account from Netflix.

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