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4 best sites to find new EdTech tools, trends and research

In this article, I’m going to show you four websites, where you can find information about EdTech tools educational technology, tools, news, resources, and also some research reports about what is working, and what is not working in the field of online education. What are new trends, you can download some reports in the form of PDF, and some infographics. You can also watch some on-demand webinars, for which you have to give your email. And if you are in the online teaching business, or you are a consultant for online teaching, these websites will help you in keeping yourself abreast with the technology. These are not just any websites, these websites are very reputed websites.

List of 4 best sites to find new EdTech tools, trends and research

And the way we check a website is by domain authority, which is a number between zero to 100. Hundred being the best website such as Google, all these websites, they have our domain authority between 60 and 80, which are normally high ranked websites. And you don’t want to miss any part of this video. Because there is one website where you can convert your content into cash. There is no shame in making money for your content, which you have created after a lot of hard work. And one of these websites is a marketplace for teachers. 

All of us spend a lot of time every day using the internet. And unfortunately, most of this time is spent on social media, which is a total waste of time. And because most of my audience are online teachers, so I am confident that these websites will bring you a lot of knowledge, you will understand what type of content you should be creating, what is working, what is not working, how to get maximum student engagement and these kinds of things. While I’m talking to you I will also show you that glimpses of these websites where you will see what I’m talking about.


So the first website which I want to talk about is This website connects tech entrepreneurs with educators. And this is mentioned on their website. on this website, you will find educational resources, news, and some research which is done by research and also by some other world-renowned organizations. Now, what happens is that when we are following someone on YouTube, most of the time when we watch that person’s video, we get his or her opinion about a particular topic. And that is perfectly fine if the person is an expert in his field or her field. But getting a research result is something very important.

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And it tells us that what are those edtech tools are working on and how we can conduct these edtech classrooms. You can download this research in the form of a PDF. These PDFs are many pages long, they contain a lot of information, some infographics. And you can also get some tips and learn about some new technology tools available for you. In the research tab you have the research conducted by EdSurge also reports and guides from other organizations. 


Now the second website is tech This website has a lot of advertisements, which is sometimes annoying, but other than that this website is extremely useful. It has a lot of articles about edtech tools, shedding light on various features and applications of these tools. Articles are being posted on this website on a regular basis. And it deserves our attention for five to 10 minutes on a daily basis to keep ourselves up to date with what is happening in the online education sector. This website also has a large collection of on-demand webinars where you have to provide your email and some details and it requires registration.

So if you really want to learn in-depth knowledge about a specific topic, you can do that as well. Does it also have an export tab where you will find some guides What is eSports? And how does it work in education? Do we know about the best gaming systems for school eSports programs, and so on. In the magazine section, you can explore some tips and tools for online education technology. For example, in this homeschooling project, you will also get some special issues of magazines, which you can share by getting a link and copy-pasting it to your colleagues or students know.


The next website is, also called nm BB learner. This website funds some video programs for American schools, you will get some video resources and also some other types of media resources for the professional development of online educators. And as they state on their website, you will find k 12 classroom instruction and teacher professional development resources. On the main page, you can search for classroom resources and professional resources, or both.

So there are three search boxes here. So let us type something. So in the first, I keep it empty, then I select grade nine to 12. And let us select English language arts from the third search box. And now as you can see that there are a lot of resources available for English and arts. And in a similar fashion, you can search for other resources for various subjects. Now the best part of this website is that you will find some video workshops and these workshops are free. Some videos are nearly one hour long, you can attend these video workshops, and you can learn about edtech tools, tips, and how to manage your edtech classrooms.


Now the last website is called Teachers Pay teacher’s dot com, sometimes also called TPT. Now, this website is a marketplace for teachers where teachers can sell their educational content and earn some money, you have to put one free product here. And then you can start putting your paid products, you can open your account with TPT for free. There are a lot of YouTube channels by those teachers who are selling their educational content on this website. And you can watch any of those channels and learn about their experience and how much money they are making on this website. Because some of those teachers also showed you their earning reports. And I have seen those reports they are making hundreds of dollars every month just by putting their PDFs and their PowerPoint presentations on TPT.

So this is a very good website for earning some revenue. And let me show you how big is this website. If I click on see all the resources types, I can get an idea of the types of educational resources available on Teachers Pay Teachers. This can also provide you an idea of what types of resources you might be making and selling on TPT.

You are in use in some of the advanced countries, teachers normally have some funding every year for their students. And they can spend this funding on Teachers Pay Teachers and buy some resources for their students. But if you are from a developing country, or from the subcontinent, India, Pakistan, Nepal, these kinds of countries, then you can also get some fundings and I have separate information about the websites where teachers can get funding. You can get some funding for your students, you can make a proposal that I want these kinds of resources for my students from Teachers Pay Teachers, and these costs let’s say $200. So this kind of small fundings would be very easy for you to get and then you can use it for your students. 

So I hope that you like this information, and I hope that instead of wasting time on social media, you will give some time to these websites on a daily basis and learn something and improve your online educational skills and learn about edtech tools.



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