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What is the Average Price for Penetration Testing Service?

In order to put a price on good service, you must first discern what the service offers. A penetration testing services price depends on the type of test you require, its scope, and complexity. Different companies or individuals might also adjust the penetration testing price according to their expertise. What you should discover first is what potential vulnerabilities you need to get checked for your website, system, etc. Astra Security provides top-notch plans you can take a look at, or build a custom one.

A Quick Look At Penetration Testing

Is losing your data more expensive than a penetration test? Probably not. Unauthorized access to sensitive data can lead to a pot of trouble. And you don’t want to be there when it boils over. Nowadays, people have often been experiencing some sort of cyberattack in their lives, whether it be phishing links, financial scams, or information leaks due to faulty measures in cybersecurity

Keeping this in mind one can understand the importance of penetration testing. The Internet is a risky place and one needs to be constantly preparing to face new dangers and prevent existing ones.

Other than that you might also require a penetration test to comply with several regulations and build trust with your clients and partners. This might motivate you to opt for a quick and cheaper penetration test. However, you should be aware that even the smallest vulnerability in security could lead to unwanted attacks. These may bring data loss, malware, financial loss, and even legal consequences. Here is something more about online penetration testing.

What influences the penetration testing services price?


The final quote given by a testing provider depends on the scope of the penetration test. Most of the tests may range from around $400 to $2000. Scanning tools, systems, and duration all affect the cost of a pen test.  For example, it might be quicker to test multiple small applications than it would be to test a single big application with a large clientele. The penetration testing price may also change depending upon the number of vulnerabilities patched during the test. If the enterprise has a complex and vastly spread computing network the price may climb up to $10000 and above.

For a better understanding of the overall framework of your application, you can help the vendor by providing a walkthrough over the functionality of your system or application you want to get pen-tested.This will give a basic view of how much effort will go into the test.


There are a few ways to go about a penetration test. Many companies offer automated penetration testing, which as the name suggests do an automatic scan for vulnerabilities. It is a simple and speedy type of test. Secondly, there are pen tests that will not only scan your system but also find exploitable points. The tester stops at this step to fix the discovered flaws.

A comprehensive penetration test doesn’t only discover points of exploitation. The pen-tester emulates a real hacker and finds out how much damage these entries can cause. A vulnerability can reach deep. Understanding the impact of these flaws can be a major step towards securing a system. The client can prioritize the insecurities and secure their network better. Here is an OWASP Penetration checklist to better understand the flow of a test.


Any satisfactory service requires a professional skill set and experience in said field. When hiring a security service, you might pay more to qualified testers and lesser to beginners in the field. Because even though both will work on the same task one might have the experience to probe around in places often overlooked by less experienced peers. A tester needs to constantly evolve with the ever-growing complexity of codes. Since, as the technology keeps developing hackers come up with more ways to attack and the security services need to adapt to stay one step ahead.

Astra keeps you in touch with security specialists through a live dashboard that keeps you in the loop of what’s going on with your test. Not only can you contact the developers working on your system but also catch detailed steps being taken.


Some companies charge an extra fee for conducting a re-test to check if everything is patched up. A re-test is an important part of a penetration test, as it scans the system again for the effectiveness of patches and leftover  vulnerabilities in order to ensure the vendor did their job right. How else would you find out if your network’s flaws are actually fixed? It may be the last part of a pen test but it is an important one. You should take care to check the re-test cost when discussing the penetration testing price.

Penetration Testing Service

Will You Pay The Price?

Have you come across a penetration testing price that barely costs anything? Be careful because it might also barely cover anything. Skills, experience, and time cost money. It is wiser to pay for a security service than pay with your data if your website gets hacked. You can get a quote on Astra’s security plans here or even discuss a custom plan specially tailored for you.

A penetration test is an integral part of having a secure network. In this day and age with all businesses getting some kind of service online, make sure you’re prepared. Stay informed and you’re on your way to a safer place.



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