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Working abroad: what do you need?

Are you dreaming of well-paid, interesting, developing your working qualities profession? The best variant for you is to working abroad. Why do we and hundreds of thousands of people believe, that it is abroad that you can achieve more than at home? Firstly, your profession may be more demanded in other cities in foreign countries, yes, it is not uncommon when in your homeland you can earn many times less in your profession than where it is more popular. Secondly – salary. Of course, most go abroad precisely because of payments. And for the third time they want to improve their experience and career growth.

It is no necessity of going right to the country where you desire to work. Employment web-sites exist so that directly from home you can find what you need and contact employers online.

You choose a country, a category, write your resume, give your contacts and congratulations, you are on the half way.

Among the countries that you can pick are: England, USA, Canada, India, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany and dozens of others.

In England there are a lot of companies that need workmen, managers and directors. As an example, “Total Oil and Gas Company” is waiting for you if you are one of these specialists:

Working Abroad

List of services for working abroad

1. Service Manager

2. Marketing Professional

3. Service in-house instructor

4. Body & Paint Foreman

5. General Job Technician

6. Job Controller

7. Maintenance Reminder Staff

8. Accounting Staff

9. Credit Card collection Staff

10. Accounting Supervisor

11. Auto Finance Staff

12. Cashier

13. Customers relations Staff

14. Executive Secretary

15. Kerosene/ Organizational Development Staff

16. Programmer

17. Training Officer

18. Cleaner

19. Office Assistant

20. HR. Officer

21. Supervisor

22. Electrician

23. Driver

24. Carpenter

25. Forman

26. Safety Officer

27. Crane Operator

28. Forklifter

29. Pipe Fitter

30. Welder

31. Plumber

32. Time Keeper

33. Store Keeper

34. Mason

35. JCB Operator

36. AUTO CAD Operator

37. RCC

38. Wall Painter

39. Gardener

40. Office Boy /Girl

41. Rigger

42. Electricians

43. Grass Cutter

44. Grinder

45. Civil Engineer

46. Cook

47. Ac Technician

48. Data Entry

49. Security

50. Truck Drivers

51. Pop Workers

52. Excavator operator

53. Mechanical Engineer

54. Automobiles Engineer

55. Power plant engineer

56. Boiler operator

57. Petroleum engineer

And there are at least a few more such companies in need. Amid conditions there are only CV and valid passport.

“Mickiwell company” is in need of your passport, good conduct and medical certificate. To get more information you can contact the employer by messaging apps.

By the way, now the telecommuting work is spreading. An exemplar for online work is an ESL teacher.

–          you must be a native English speaker;

–           you must be enthusiastic and strive for self- improvement in teaching;

–          genuine desire to help people learn English;

–          experience in teaching.

If you are the one who are ready to work abroad, act fast and deal with various tasks, love to communicate and help others –welcome!

You will hold classes, provide students with clear and helpful feedback after each class and communicate with Online Academy staff.

For other works you can read more about them on the sites. Good searches to you!



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