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GogoPDF Guide: Split Your PDF Into Multiple Files

PDF is most preferred by many when it comes to document format. The reasons behind this preference are the benefits or advantages that PDF offers. However, splitting this type of file can be more difficult compared with other formats. 

There are various reasons why you need to split a PDF file and these include the following:

  • The original PDF file contains data intersections, and now you wish to save these sections in another PDF document in your system. 
  • They need to send or share only a few pages of the file with another user. When this is the case, they have to divide the file accordingly. They need to separate or split the PDF file into smaller parts.

If you need to split PDF for any reason- GogoPDF is here for you! Check it out and see how quick and helpful this online tool is!

Split Your PDF File Using GogoPDF

Extract pages from PDF or save them as separate PDF documents. Here’s how to do it with GogoPDF. 

Step One: Select your PDF from your device or drag and drop the PDF into the splitting area. 

Step Two: Decide and choose how you wish to split your PDF files. Then, click the appropriate button to start the extraction process. 

Step Three: GogoPDF will separate your files into your preferred number of pages instantly. You will not wait long. The files will be ready in minutes.

Step Four: Now, you can download your files. You may also save it on your computer or share them with your social media accounts. 

There you have it. That is how quick and easy the process of splitting PDF with GogoPDF! Try using GogoPDF next time you need to separate or extract your PDF documents!

Why is GogoPDF the best online tool to split PDF? 

PDF is used by many for their electronic files. It’s portable and serves different purposes. However, users need a system to aid them in managing PDFs efficiently. GogoPDF is the best platform for your electronic files in PDF. Whether you need to split, convert and wish to manage your files in various ways. 

  • It’s painless. Manage your file efficiently with GogoPDF. It is simple and features a user-friendly interface. When you open the GogoPDF site, you will find boxes of different colors. Each contains a tool for managing your file. Among these tools is the SPLIT PDF utility. Once you click the tool, the site will direct you to the page to upload your document. Then, GogoPDF will do the rest. It only takes four steps, and your file is ready. 
  • The GogoPDF team will help you the best way they can. It provides excellent customer support. 
  • GogoPDF preserves your files. This feature means the format, layout, and other details of the original document will not change. Everything is the same as your original files. Therefore, GogoPDF produces files with a high level of accuracy and quality. 
  • Everything is done online. This web-based tool works entirely on any web browser. Moreover, your files are processed and saved in the Cloud. Thus, it saves you a lot of storage on your device. Lastly, you do not need to download and install any software or applications to use this service.
  • Be worry-free! GogoPDF pays high importance to their customers’ privacy. As a result, it secures all the information uploaded to the site. In addition, the server automatically erases all your files after an hour. 
  • This web-based tool is compatible with almost all browsers and multiple platforms. It opens and works on all devices. Moreover, it is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Other Tools from GogoPDF that You Might Find Useful 

  1. PDF Merger

One of the most used GogoPDF online tools is the file merger. Combine your documents into one PDF file with the help of this tool. Thus, this can make you locate and access your files quickly. 

  1. PDF Page Remover 

GogoPDF can help you organize your files. But it can also help you remove unnecessary pages or even entire outdated PDF files. The tool allows you to eliminate a single or multiple pages from your PDF files. Upload your files on this online tool, select the page numbers you wish to delete, and save the changes on your device. Like the other tools from GogoPDF, it’s easy and saves you a lot of time. 


GogoPDF offers the most straightforward process for splitting PDFs. Using four steps, you can organize your files accurately, securely, and efficiently. Not only that, GogoPDF provides you with other utilities that are essential in managing files, whether at school or at home. There are plenty of online tools on the web, but GogoPDF has a lot in store for you compared to its competitors. 

So what are you waiting for? Open your browser and try GogoPDF. For sure you will find it very handy. Moreover, you will use it every time you need to edit or change some details on your documents!



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