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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

Microsoft has released a slew of updated versions, each with more features & improved technology. So,here is the guide on how to recover unsaved word documents to make the work easy for you.

Unintentionally closing Word or experiencing a program/system crash may result in the loss of the unsaved Word document. Fortunately, unsaved Word documents in Windows 10 can still be recovered via Temporary Files, AutoRecover, or Word Processor Recovery. Additionally, if you accidentally delete a Word document, you can recover unsaved Word documents using the recycle bin or one of the best file recovery. You may use any of the following fixes to recover your unsaved Word document-

Recovering Temporary Files

  • Open Microsoft Word > To manage a document, click “File” > “Info” > “Manage Document. 
  •  Recuperate from AutoRecovery
  •  Utilize Document Recovery
  •  Restore from the Recycling Bin
  •  Utilize Data Recovery Software

Have you ever closed your Word software without saving the file on which you had spent several hours working? Have you lost an unsaved Word document as a result of a sudden programme crash? Or have you inadvertently deleted a vital Word document? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an effective approach. In this article, we’ll discuss the most effective methods for recovering unsaved Word documents. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to a well-known office file recovery tool – EaseUS Data Recovery Sorcerer – that will assist you in recovering deleted Word documents in a matter of clicks. Additionally, it is capable of repairing corrupted video files.

1. Recovering a Deleted Word Document from Voluntary Files

The disappearance of unsaved Word documents is a very inconvenient issue. Take your time. Three methods exist for restoring them in Word 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003. Additionally, these guides work for regaining access to unsaved Excel documents on Window. Alternatively, you can follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1. In MS Word, in the upper left-hand corner, click the “File” 

in word, open the file tab

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document
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Step 2. Select Recover Unsaved Records from the drop-down list under Manage Documents.

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document
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Step 3. In the dialogue box, look for your missing file. It should appear if it was a recent loss

choose the previously unsaved word document 

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Step 4. In the top banner, open the repaired Word processor and click the Save As button.

To recover unsaved word documents, click Save As.

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document
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2. Recovering an Unsaved Word Document AutoRecover

Another option is to use AutoRecover to recover an unsaved Word document. The AutoRecover file extension is.asd. By default, each time Word starts, it searches for AutoRecover files and then reveals any data found in the Manuscript Recovery task pane. If the Document Recovery pane does not open automatically, perform a manual search for recovered files. To accomplish this, follow one of the following procedures, depending on the version of Word you are using:

For Microsoft Word 2010 – 2019:

  • To begin, open the Word programme and navigate to “File” > “Options.” Click “Save” in the  left panel. Copy and paste the AutoRecover file location path into File Explorer.
  • Change the time interval between AutoSaves by selecting “Save AutoRecover data.
  • Open File Explorer and locate the unsaved document. Copy the.asd file step
  •  Open your Word application and navigate to “File” > “Open” > “Recover Deleted Documents” at the bottom step.
  •  Paste the copied.asd file into the resulting File Name box. Recover the Word document by opening it.

Microsoft Word 2007

1.Click the Microsoft Word Button, followed by “Word Options” > “Save.”

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document
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2. Make a note of the path in the AutoRecover file location box, and then click “Cancel” to close Word.

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document
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3. Locate the folder that was referenced in step 2. 

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document
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4. Locate the Word document that ends in.asd (AutoRecover files). Then double-click it to open and immediately save it.

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Microsoft Word 2003 & 2002

1. Select “Options” from the “Tools” menu.

2. On the File Destinations tab, double-click the AutoRecover files, take note of the path, click “Cancel,” and then “Close.”.

3. After locating the AutoRecover file location, look for files with the extension.asd (AutoRecover files).

4. To open the Word document, double-click it. Following that, immediately save it.

5. Then, you can inspect the file’s content and save it to another secure location as a new Word file.

3. Recuperating Word Documents Following a Crash

Reopen Microsoft Word once your system has been restored to normal operation. In most cases, the programme automatically recovers unsaved Word documents. Alternatively, revert back to MS Word and click “File” and then “Open.”

We do not recommend that you attempt to recover unbaptized Word documents using data recovery software. This type of programme is limited to assisting you in recovering deleted Word documents as a result of accidental deletion, disc formatting, virus attack, or partition loss. Specifically, an original file must have been saved previously on your computer or storage media.

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4. Recovering Deleted Microsoft Word Documents from the Recycle Bin

If you misspelt a Word document without flushing the recycle bin, you can easily undelete it with a few clicks.

Step 1: Make your way to the Recycle Bin. Verify that the deleted word document is still present. If you are unsure of the file type, look for file extensions such as DOC, DOCX, DOT, and so on.

Step 2. To recover the Word file, select it and click “Restore.

If you empty the recycle bin after removable media, it is possible that the deleted Word file has been permanently deleted. If you find yourself in a similar situation, continue reading to learn how to recover deleted or lost Word documents using a data recovery programme.

5. How to Recover a Deleted or Lost Microsoft Word Document on Windows 10

If you’ve accidentally deleted a Word document, your hard drive was formatted, or your system crashed, none of the above methods will work. At this point, you must use a professional hard disk drive recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – to recover your data. This capable tool allows you to recover retracted files in Windows 7/8/10 from the recycle bin, hard drive/SSD, micro card, camcorder, or music player, as well as from a USB flash drive/SD card.



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