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Web3 Technology | How to start carrer as a Web3 Devloper?

Web3 is based on blockchain technology so it is much safe then web2.0 if you want to make a career in web3 development then today we are going to discuss about web3 and job opportunity in web3 technology.

What is Web3 ?

Web3 is an open-source software project initiated and funded by Ethereum Foundation. It focuses on developing libraries that make it easier to use ethereum smart contracts on any platform. Many of these projects are written using Solidity, a language that works with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) to allow developers to write code that executes in a decentralized manner.

Where I can find Web3 Tools?

There are many third party websites that have solid implementations of web3. Here are a few:

Geth – A popular command line interface for interacting with a local node.
Metamask – A chrome extension that allows users to interact with ERC20 tokens directly from the browser. Wallet – A chrome extension that enables users to perform transactions via MetaMask.
TrustWallet – A Chrome extension that allows users to trade ERC20 tokens with each other.
Blockonomics – A mobile application that allows users to create their own tokens and interact with token ecosystems.
Ternio Wallet – Ternio’s wallet allows users to easily access their accounts across different blockchains, including Ethereum.
CasperLabs – CasperLabs provides a web based dashboard and user experience for monitoring and managing crypto assets.
Ethlance – EthLance is a blockchain freelance marketplace that uses smart contracts to ensure quality work is delivered timely.

How to become a Web Developer?

Learn Solidity
Solidity is the programming language being used for developing decentralized applications (dapps). If you have any knowledge of JavaScript, then you should be able to pick it up easily. We recommend using Remix IDE for Solidity coding. It provides all the basic tools necessary for writing smart contracts.
Build Your Own Blockchain
After learning solidity, you would need to build a blockchain network where transactions take place. You can use Ethereum’s go-ethereum framework to do so. Get Involved In Community Projects Once you have built your own blockchain network, look for community projects where you can contribute. There are lots of open source projects out there.
Join Decentralized Apps Meetups
If you’re looking to get involved in the community building process, join the Decentralized Apps meetup group. The people here are really friendly.
Networking events
Networking events are a great way to meet cool people who could help you move forward with your career path.

Benefits of Web3 Technology

Decentralisation & Security
In today’s world where hackers have access to personal information and steal money from people’s accounts, decentralization is not only good practice but is a necessity. Using web3 technology allows users to have complete control over their data and what they do with it. A decentralized exchange would allow for the transfer of cryptocurrency without having to rely on third-party services. The use of smart contracts would allow for contracts to be digitally signed, saving time and money. In addition, the use of blockchain technology provides security and ensures that no one else can change the terms of a contract once it has been created.
Data Accessibility
Web3 technology also allows for greater accessibility to information. Users often wonder how much data can be accessed through centralized systems. By using a distributed ledger, companies can store information privately and give access to it via the internet without compromising user privacy. In addition, individuals can now gain access to financial information at any time from anywhere in the world.
User Experience
Another benefit of web3 is its implementation on mobile devices. Because of the integration between a smartphone and the cloud, people now have full access to their data from anywhere. Instead of having to carry around a computer, a person can simply bring along their phone. This eliminates the hassle of connecting to different servers and gives people greater freedom.
Privacy Protection
A major concern of data protection is the protection of sensitive user information. This problem has led to the creation of many central databases that collect and aggregate user data. However, these organizations have become targets for cyberattacks due to their exposure of user information. To combat this issue, web3 technology uses encryption methods to protect user privacy.
Cost Savings
One of the biggest concerns of businesses today is the costs associated with handling sensitive information. These expenses include the cost of maintaining private databases and hiring cybersecurity experts to protect them. On the other hand, web3 technology can be implemented in a way that makes the entire system cheaper. Blockchain technology allows for transactions to occur instantly instead of storing information offline. Therefore, if a transaction takes place at a low price, the company does not need to pay high fees for each individual transaction.
The complexity behind centralized systems is one of the reasons why they have failed to adapt to our modern society. Due to their complicated nature, many developers cannot build applications on top of them because of the lack of knowledge necessary to understand them. On the other hand, web3 technology is simple enough for anyone to learn. Even if someone is unfamiliar with programming, they can still create applications based on web3 technology.
Decentralised networks have allowed people complete trust in their data and transactions. As mentioned before, some centralized databases have been hacked and stolen data. Because of the transparency of blockchain, users can rest assured knowing that their data is secure and not easily accessed by anyone else.

Jobs in Web3 Technology

Cryptocurrency Developer
A cryptocurrency developer writes smart contracts and applications that run on top of blockchain networks. Developers create protocols that enable users to send funds without intermediaries such as banks. These protocols allow developers to build financial services using cryptography. A job requires extensive knowledge about how blockchains work and various cryptographic techniques. You need to know programming languages such as Solidity and Javascript to write smart contract code. To stay competitive, you should have solid coding skills, good problem-solving abilities, and strong communication skills.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Support Engineer
An exchange’s support team provides customer service to clients who use its platforms to buy/sell digital assets. An exchange support engineer may communicate with customers via chat, email, phone, text message, social media platforms, and even video chat. He or she works closely with internal teams to troubleshoot problems and design solutions. Skills required include patience, attention to detail, and the ability to solve technical problems. Candidates should be comfortable solving problems and explaining complex processes to others.

Blockchain Engineer
Blockchain engineers specialize in developing applications that use distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies. They often work with developers to create software frameworks and tools that connect different systems together. They may specialize in designing databases and network architectures. Skills include being able to understand the inner workings of distributed ledgers, applying mathematical algorithms, and debugging computer programs.

Crypto Security Analyst
Crypto security analysts review data on cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchains. They look at patterns, trends, and potential threats to ensure safety and reliability. Their jobs require working with both structured and unstructured data. Strong analytical skills are critical to identifying possible vulnerabilities. Candidates must be well-versed in mathematics and statistics.

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
CTOs develop and maintain software products and the technology behind them. They coordinate efforts between product managers and programmers to implement features into the system. They help project managers decide what’s best for their business and set goals and deadlines. In addition, they are involved in hiring and firing employees and negotiating compensation plans.

Head of Compliance
Heads of compliance oversee operations and control activities related to compliance regulations. They are primarily responsible for ensuring that organizations abide by laws, rules, and regulations regarding money laundering, anti-bribery, sanctions, trading, record keeping, and financial reporting. There are several responsibilities related to these activities, including overseeing tax filings, monitoring transactions, tracking suspicious activity, auditing accounts, and investigating potential violations.

Head of Legal Affairs
The head of legal affairs oversees legal matters pertaining to the company and its employees, shareholders, and partners. He or she ensures that the firm adheres to relevant laws and regulations, negotiates employment agreements, drafts policies and procedures, and handles any disputes that arise in the workplace.


In this article we have discussed how you can make a career as web3 developer. If you like Our article share it with your friends and also comment us below for any further queries.

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