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Why plagiarism is a biggest concern of writers | How to avoid using rephrase tool

A sane mind marvels upon the spread of ideas and content across the internet. 

The demand for unique and quality content is growing, and no one can deny the fact that a novel idea gets more attraction. 

If you are a blogger or a content creator struggling to rank your content among Google’s first-page search results, then you should know the importance of content optimization tools such as plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool, and many more.


Unique content is at the helm of sustained website ranking due to two factors.

The first Google finds unique content, which is understandable, easy to index. Second, people who surf the internet are fond of new content. 

The content which is shrouded in unfamiliar jargon cannot be interesting and owing to the small attention span of people such content can’t engage the user’s attention. 

A study by Microsoft says that the average attention span of readers has decreased to 8 seconds. 

Therefore, people will easily lose interest in your content if it is either same copied from other sources or contains unfamiliar vocabulary.

So, the pro tip is to write matchless and insightful content. But the story doesn’t stop here. Writing unique content is a hell of a task especially when a lot of articles are already available on the internet. 

In addition, it needs rigorous practice to create a masterpiece that everyone loves. Once Ernest Hemingway said,” First draft of anything is shit.”

Imagine if his first draft is like this then where we stand. Writing draft after draft is an excellent practice when you have plenty of time but when it comes to digital marketing, you have to do speedy work to compete with others.

 Most of the content creators face plagiarism in their content. 

 Definition of Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is the occurrence of similar content in your text that has already been published somewhere. 

This greatly reduces your credibility and can place you in a compromising situation among your readers. The solution lies in “paraphrasing”.

Definition of Paraphrasing: 

Paraphrasing is the rewriting of someone’s text in your way to avoid plagiarism. However, manual paraphrasing can be a very hectic task, also you don’t have much time to recreate an article by yourself. 

How to do manual paraphrasing?

Manual paraphrasing is no doubt a powerful technique, but it has its defects. Primarily, it is time-consuming. Don’t go for it if you are a novice in English.

You should take the following steps to do manual paraphrasing.

  • Read the text several times unless you get the true idea of the text.
  • Understand the sentence structure and the choice of words.
  • See how words are joined to give a proper meaning.
  • Try to create the text in your way without looking at the original text.
  • Once completed, match both texts with each other.
  • If any key information is missing, adjust it into your text.
  • Note that your text should not contain similar words or phrases.
  • Generate several drafts unless you are satisfied with one.

The problem with manual writing is that it is time-consuming and exhaustive. Moreover, it still may contain any grammatical errors.

Therefore, to cope with these challenges try using plagiarism checkers and paraphrasing tools.

Let me share with you the best of two. paraphrasing tool

It contains the best rephrase tool that paraphrases the original text with 100% accuracy to avoid plagiarism.

Why should you use this tool?

Because it is an AI-based tool developed in the python programming language, it reduces your effort in producing good content for your website. 


Its results testify its use as you won’t find that the results are produced by any machine. It does human-level rephrasing. Moreover, it relieves you from the exercise of manual rewriting.

Features of this tool:

1. 100% secure:

Your content safety is guaranteed. It does not spread your content on the internet and protects it from malware.

2. Free tool:

This tool is free for everyone. You can use it by just opening the website and uploading the content.

3. Language support: supports many languages other than English. It can deal with almost 5 languages.

4. File compatibility:

You can upload any type of file onto the edit pad. It is user-friendly, no matter, which type of file is used. 

.doc, .pdf, .txt, .docx any many more.

Students, bloggers, researchers can use this tool to optimize their content.

It is also a wonderful platform where all your content optimization tools are present. 

It contains a free online plagiarism checker that surfs through the web to detect similarities in your content with other resources.


Why should you use this tool?

You should use this tool because it is one of the best plagiarism checkers available on the internet. 

Most of these tools don’t work comprehensively but this tool detects various sources. Some of them are:

  • Online Blog posts
  • Research Papers
  • Online books
  • Press releases
  • Publications

Moreover, it provides all the sources of your copied content and generates a detailed report that contains a graph having percentages of plagiarized, paraphrased, and unique content. In this, you get an analysis of your content.

Some features of this tool:

1. Rapid Checker:

This tool checks plagiarism rapidly and has a large capacity which means you can check 1000-1500 words easily in free mode. It scans enormous articles without any issue. 

However, in premium mode, there is no word limit.

2. Multiple files:

You can use up to five files to scan for plagiarism and its speed will not be compromised.

3. API available:

Now you can get its API and use it from your server easily.

4. Protected content:

Your content always remains protected from any kind of loss or malware. 

5. Upload file option:

 This tool is very convenient. Upload locally. You can also upload files from your cloud storage.

6. Paraphrasing tool:

          You can also use its paraphrasing tool to rewrite your articles after checking for plagiarism. In this way, the changes of plagiarism are diminished.


Fast track your content creation with the best tools available. These tools can augment your content marketing strategy

Now you can create the content that is SEO based and readable by others.



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