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15 Tech Fails in History

Welcome to my top 15 tech fails each one so disastrous that they’ve had to be banned so number 18 is an app called to send me to heaven it doesn’t kill you like the name suggests but it does kill your phone it tells you to throw your device up as high as you can in the air and then catch it on the way down the higher the throw the more points you get but then the higher the chance of a concussion when it does come back I’ve just agreed to like 16 different disclaimers.

Tesla Cars Charging


I probably don’t need to tell you that Tesla makes some of the highest-rated electric cars in the world right now incredibly tech-focused and almost minimalist the entire thing is often controlled by just one big screen in the middle but this also has its downsides as people have recently found that when you fast charge your tesla at a charging station the car’s electronics can get so hot that this screen stops working properly it’s been seen to become unresponsive sometimes even just go straight up blank which given that the screen on a tesla contains like 90 of the controls for your car is a pretty major blunder and as such tesla has had to recall 130000 of them to try and fix it.

Soaker monster rocket 


In 2004 after years of development the famous toy company came out with this the super soaker monster rocket and it was a technical marvel. I’ve had to blow this entire thing myself it is a seven-foot rocket locked into this base here it’s got a tank that’s filled with water and basically what you do is you pump air through it to load that water at high pressure into the rocket.

You come to Watch never mind right so now that’s at its maximum I should be able to press this trigger to release that lock and water will be ejected out at a blistering pace to launch this rocket into the sky not you’ve probably gathered this already but the monster rocket was not a safe toy the water tank in the rocket tended to explode the cap on top of the bottle tended flinging off and smacking people in the face and because the rockets themselves flew so high they also managed to knock people out on the way down.

Polaris razor cars


I guess that makes it even more of fail can we just animate it in the edit while I leave some bad feedback on eBay I feel even worse though for the owner of the Polaris razor cars see Polaris is one of the top brands for these high-speed off-road vehicles and so it’s kind of unfortunate that they’ve managed to have not one but two separate waves of recalls for these razer cars in the space of a few months it was bad enough that one of the battery cables was incorrectly routed leading to electrical failure but also and this is quite problematic for a car the steering wheels were coming off can you imagine you’re just kind of going for it 100 miles an hour against a rocky cliff face until you suddenly realize that would be my steering wheel this has no doubt given a lot of users a free near-death experience and for five especially unlucky drivers it’s caused them to completely lose control and their vehicles to flip over while they’re still inside.

Manhunt 2 Video Game


I almost can’t believe I’m saying this but it is a video game and when I first came across this I was like come on you can’t ban a video game for violence but then I saw it we’re talking about manhunt 2 released back in 2007 and it is genuinely chilling you play as an escaped mental patient and the game encourages you to go around stalking victims and when you find them and when an opportunity presents itself murdering them in the most sadistic way possible but the strangest part of the whole thing is the callous tone with which the game presents this it’s almost as if it’s just a normal thing to do so almost immediately upon release it was banned in Britain and Ireland suspended in the united states and pretty much all of the most violent parts censored around the world which as you can imagine didn’t do wonders for the sales volumes.

Nano tata motors


We all have a good bargain and so when Indian automotive company tata motors announced the tata nano a full four-seater hatchback car available to buy for the equivalent of just 1400 if people quite understandably lost their minds it didn’t have air conditioning and it was a bit of a squeeze at full capacity but for someone whose budget would only otherwise allow for a scooter or a motorbike it seemed like a fair price to pay now the lesson we learned though is that there are only so many corners you can cut on a car before it starts to become a hazard. The nano also compromised on the quality of its circuits airbags metals batteries every single part of this car was the cheapest that tata motors could get leading to at least 10 cases of these Nanos spontaneously exploding into flames.

Lore care and share 

Now, what’s another thing that doesn’t mix well with fire hazards oh babies as the company lore who specializes in baby monitors found out the hard way in 2016 the company released their flagship product the ironically named care and share range and it was the most technologically advanced yet it allowed parents to not just see their kids from afar but also to snap photos of the motion track them if they moved it even had night vision, unfortunately, all of this tech being crammed into such a tight space led to not 5, not 10 but 488 reports of overheating including situations where the battery packs were expanding causing the outer the casing of the monitor to physically shoot off potentially explosive electronic devices.

An electric blanket is cozy cuddly warm


The electric blanket is cozy cuddly warm and highly flammable all you need to do is to ask the customers of incospar who in 2020 bought themselves a shiny new silky velvet electric blanket which like most electric blankets has a thin layer of electric cabling inside of it which is used to raise its temperature but inverse bars cabling lost control of that temperature how did customers find out by using it by waking up in the middle of the night with burns across their body can you imagine you’d be having like the worst nightmare ever and then you would wake up and realize that the pain was real eventually the u.s product safety commission they had to get involved issuing a mandatory recall of 7000 of these blankets and if we have a look at the invoice bar websites now there is not a sign of one of them so I can only assume that they were told to never sell a blanket.



These are probably gonna keep you up at night so this thing right here is a pacemaker it’s a tiny little device that you can get implanted inside of you it’s hooked up directly to your heart and it sends electrical signals to it to make sure that it beats in a stable rhythm now with that in mind this is pretty much the one piece of tech that you do not want to go wrong but you know what video we’re in introducing the healthcare company About who built their pacemakers to be radio-controlled but then they didn’t add in any security measures meaning that any other person could buy a remote control from eBay and use it. I kid you do not hack the patient’s heartbeats to either run the battery of the pacemaker down or even to make it go so fast that it could kill them instantly thankfully Abbott did act fast before anyone died asking all 465 000 people who had one to come back to their practice and urgently updating their pacemaker software.

Clearview AI

You’ve got to trust a company before connecting them directly to your heart but it gets creepier still with Clearview ai the company that described itself as the world’s largest facial network and unfortunately, it is exactly what it sounds like this company holds and collates billions of photos of people’s faces gathering them from literally any source. It can find including your social media pages without asking you they market themselves as if they solely exist for law enforcement.

If the police wanted to find out who a potential criminal is they can hand clear view of just one image of them and then this company can link that to every shot in their database and more often than not come back with all of that person’s details however they’ve recently been accused of going one step too far by actually selling this data to just private companies and people for nothing more than market research purposes imagine a world where a complete stranger could just take one random photo of you while you’re walking down the street and then through that find out everything from your home address to your name, phone number should technology of that power even exist thankfully governments have stepped in get it completely illegal in Canada and Australia and in most other countries constricting its use to purely governmental right.



You had a fitbit the google owned fitness company that helps you to burn calories through the use of their smart trackers well calories aren’t the only thing they’re burning right now in the ever-moving race to squeeze as much tech as possible into a tiny space for their fitbit ionic smartwatch the company didn’t give their batteries enough calling so they started to overheat but i’m not talking to the point of like oh this is getting a bit toasty they were getting hot enough to burn through the skins of people’s wrists which is kind of terrifying because it’s not like at that point you can just quickly fling it away if you suddenly get burned it’s strapped in at least 78 burns were reported which was enough to push this company to recall all 1.7 million of these ionics that already pushes it into a six out of ten fail category but it might actually be about to get worse because now a lawsuit has been filed which says that the burn problem actually affects all fitbit devices and that the company’s just been trying to sweep the issue under the rock.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7


You’re probably quite familiar with the note 7 story already Samsung released the phone people absolutely loved it but then it started exploding thanks to Samsung trying to cram the battery into a space that wasn’t big enough for it people got second-degree burns thanks to this phone and so maybe the even more surprising part of this is that we’ve managed to get one after these started blowing up and they were banned from trains planes in just about every single public location almost all of them were urgently recalled but a few remain oh my god look at that a real galaxy note 7. so let’s see man it’s so crazy that this used to be like the cutting edge it just looks so dated next to the current s22 ultra but yeah I mean this is the real original home screen of the galaxy note 7.

The last thing a lot of people saw before the disaster was that note 7 never killed anybody but apart from that, it was pretty much as bad as it could get we’re not talking like hundreds of thousands of dollars lost not even millions the latest estimates suggest that Samsung lost 17 billion dollars from people turning to other brands because of this 17 billion dollars. I mean that’s enough money to buy the white house 43 times.

Live Classes

The company who’s developed a bit of a name for their smart treadmills that allow people to join in on live classes from the comfort of their own homes well it looks like this company spent a little too long focusing on the tech and not quite long enough on the safety this significant gap underneath the track combined with an incredibly grippy material created the perfect opportunity for both kids and pets to be dragged underneath this is giving me shivers just looking at it there were no less than 72 reports of this happening thankfully this kid was fine but many of them had abrasions broken bones and lacerations one child even died so obviously this product was taken back and never sold again.

Selfie Stick Case 


This next one might surprise you it’s the selfie stick case in point in 2014 the combination of more and more people wanting to share their personal stories with others combined with the improving image quality of smartphones meant that selfie sticks exploded in popularity you couldn’t go to a tourist destination and not find like 20 people walking around with what amounts to a three-foot metal lance in front of them and there are two problems with this one that these are a genuine hazard to people around you with countless reports of accidental poking slicing and even gouging but two they’re an even bigger threat to the user who in many cases just completely forget what’s around them resulting in at least 150 reported deaths through a gruesome combination of cliff plunges drowning and even electrocution that is five times the amount of deaths reported from shark attacks in the same time period so this bad boy is at least an eight out of ten and even though selfie sticks aren’t banned everywhere now you will regularly find restricted zones where you can’t take them out now.

Lord arts 

If you were alive in America during the 1980s then you’ll remember lord arts and if you do there’s a not negligible chance that the lawn darts made you unalive not technically a tech product but very much a disaster the idea was simple darts is fun outdoor time is fun let’s mix the two together and see how many eyes we can take out you would stand in one circle and then try to throw the darts into another circle 35 feet away from you however the combination of having to throw these so hard for them to get there with the variability that comes from wind and the large sharpened metal tips on the ends made this one of the most horrific product launches of all time like if you think the 72 injuries from that peloton were bad lawn darts managed to fast-track 6100 people straight to the emergency rooms of hospitals most of them being younger than the age of 15.

Elizabeth Holmes Blood Test Device

There was a lady called Elizabeth holmes who created a device that could perform hundreds of different types of blood tests but only using a single tiny pinprick blood sample it was completely game-changing in concept because it would single-handedly invalidate all of the FAFSA having to take many different samples and then sending them to many different labs to undergo many different tests this one unit would do everything except it was a lie.

It was shown that the machine didn’t work and that holmes actually knew that it didn’t work but had gone to an extreme extent to trick investors into thinking that it did but it’s not just that thoroughness was not useful false blood readings are life-threatening they’re the difference between getting the treatments that you need to live and not and I guess what makes this one of the biggest techs fails of all time is the sheer fall that this girl had when the public found out one moment she was the multi-billionaire poster child for silicon valley the next she had a net worth of zero the potential to be sentenced for up to 20 years in prison and even a Hulu show being made just about her failure.


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