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10 best cheat engine alternatives to boost your gameplay

This blog covers all the important aspects related to the best cheat engine alternatives. Find out more about game-hacking tools to boost your gameplay.

If you’ve used Android for some time, you probably know that the platform has a sizable selection of game hacker apps. Lucky Patcher, Cheat Engine, SB Game Hacker, and others were some of the more well-known game-hacking applications. In terms of popularity and compatibility with both online and offline games, Cheat Engine is the most widely used of all.

A popular tool for hacking in-game resources is the Android app Cheat Engine. The recently changed values in an Android smartphone can be avoided by using this. The fact that it allows you to interact with the apk file sets it apart from all other game modifications in a small way.

Although Cheat Engine is frequently unreliable, the program is extremely popular among Android players. You must have looked for the best cheat engine alternatives for games back then; don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

1. The cheat

The Windows tool has been on our radar for a while. You can use the cheat to perform tasks that the cheat engine can perform. This could be your big break because there isn’t a cheat engine for macOS.

It is a free and open-source macOS gaming trainer. This also begins with looking for the memory address of any other programs or games that are currently running on your system. Money, health, strength, and other game variables can all be edited or changed.

With the help of this software, you may perform a single search across several variables. Additionally, it makes sure that you can cheat remotely from another computer, which prevents your system from being tracked and banned.

You can make a file and save everything as soon as you discover a cheat so that you can share it with the community as well. But let me give everyone who is new or inexperienced in this area a heads-up. It is an advanced tool that could be a little challenging to use if you are unaware of it.


  • Look for variables that contain floating-point values, strings, and integers.
  • Create your research and save it.
  • allows remote cheating from a different computer
  • It contains an integrated help file.

2. ArtMoney

ArtMoney is a memory file editor that players can use to cheat in games. The software enables users to locate the amount of money and its placement in the game and assists players in changing it. In essence, the approach allows players to alter any game-related number, be it money, swords, or bullets.

Because it is not a program to crack, hack, or harm any game, using the software is entirely lawful. Users can quickly search for seven distinct values, including the exact value, a sequence of numbers, a range of values, etc.

The solution leverages multi-core processors to deliver the fastest memory scanning performance imaginable and can scan up games twice as quickly. It includes a disassembler that shows a list of assembly instructions in a window. Players can find the game’s directions or the address, and they can then change it within the game.


  • may simultaneously search for 12 different data types.
  • Automated text encoding detection
  • enables both standards and reverses byte order.
  • able to use emulator addresses
  • Additionally, it has Stealth Mode, which prevents the system from detecting the software.


CoSMOS is a very advanced memory scanner and game-hacking program that enables you to change the games you play regularly. Every component created using CoSMOS has been tested to make sure that even a novice user or individual can grasp it.

All you have to do to begin hacking your games is comprehend the fundamentals of this software. If you have no idea how it operates, you will just need to understand a little bit, after which everything will be quite simple.

The advanced features can also be examined and explored by game hackers, who have been doing this for years. You can make a cheat sheet or script and distribute it to other players in the group so that they can use it.

Even though the software already contains trainers to give you hacks, other hackers can be quite helpful, and it is always ideal for the community as a whole to expand. These tools, as you are aware, are free and do not require registration. No matter what, all of your information is protected.


  • simple, user-friendly interface
  • Memory scanner with VEH Debugger
  • the internal speed hack function
  • supports multiple languages.
  • Hardware-Assisted Scans

4. Luckily patcher


An Android program called Lucky Patcher allows you to fix some of the installed apps and games. It also allows you to get around license limits, get rid of promotions, add new elements, and modify your app permissions.

The ability to remove ads is one of the most popular features. The majority of games and apps from the official store feature annoying advertising that reduces enjoyment; to remove it, you must upgrade the program. You can apply patches, remove them for free, and do other things using the Lucky Patcher app.

Additionally, Lucky Patcher is just 10 MB in size, and the remaining space is needed to account for all the changes to your apps. Additionally, it is fully free.


  • Ad removal allows you to remove ads from your apps for free.
  • Remove in-app payments to unlock all of the in-app features without paying a dime.
  • Get all in-app game bonuses and features, such as limitless coins, lives, etc., for free by customizing your games.
  • Change Permissions: Modify the app’s permissions to reflect the terms you are willing to accept.

5. Game killer


A hacking tool created specifically for gamers is called Gamer Killer. Popular games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, and Asphalt 8 can all be hacked. To buy or update the available game options, it can also hack resources like coins, cash, control, gems, and focuses.

It is a nice program that people can use for nothing. That app’s ability to integrate with offline apps is its strongest feature. To use the app’s fantastic features, you don’t even need to invest a dollar.


  • The Game Killer App contains all the assets and values required for the game.
  • With GameKiller APK, you can quickly change the score or coin. If your game’s resources and costs are gameplay, Game Killer APK will automatically add them to your gameplay.
  • You can use the fuzzy search option to get the game’s exact values or to give you a choice if you only know an approximation of the game’s values.
  • If your data is in decimals, you can use Game Killer APK’s Floating Point Feature to get the precise value.

6. WeMod


WeMod promotes itself as providing the best PC game modification application in the world, with a massive user base and the ability to enable new gameplay mechanics. They brag about having positive reviews on websites like Trustpilot and about making it simple to cheat at games using free software that can be downloaded.

WeMod has received a lot of attention in recent years, and it appeared out of nowhere. Their idea, which is a software client with a “huge game mod library” that lets people cheat in different games, looks good.


  • With numerous games to mod, WeMod boasts about supporting a sizable library of games.
  • Easy usable, It is simple to start using their cheats because your PC is automatically scanned for approved games, and game detection is automatic.
  • Adaptive controls, Their program makes it simple to set up cheats that work with mice.
  • system for game requests, To give new cheats a higher priority, the community can make requests for them.

7. Game Guardian


For those who are unaware, one of the most sophisticated game modification apps for Android cell phones is called Game Guardian. Game Guardian, like Cheat Engine, works on both online and offline games.To operate at its best, Game Guardian needs an Android device that has root access. It may enable you to get around the game’s limitations.

Once you’ve installed GameGuardian, you can leave the application open and running in the background while keeping a semi-transparent window visible at all times. When you play a game, you can begin GameGuardian and select the app’s process to shift. The hexadecimal editor in GameGuardian can be used to search for certain numbers, such as the number of numbers you have left in a game, and change them to any other number.


  • Support for working in various virtual spaces without root access
  • Support a variety of emulators, such as ePSXe, GameBoy, and PPSSPP.
  • Speed hacking of video games on ARM and x86 platforms, including x86 emulators Additionally, employing speed hacks allows 64-bit devices to run both 32-bit and 64-bit apps.
  • Secure values are a search feature.
  • When describing the difference between two numbers, search for unknown values.
  • Lookup addresses using a mask.
  • Searches using explicit and “fuzzy” numbers

8. Freedom app


One of the first and most well-known hacking apps for Android devices is the Freedom App. Because this program has been around for a while, many mobile games use it to hack their games. The Freedom App makes it simple to simulate any in-app purchases that let you get them for free. Additionally, because this software is extremely ancient, it is compatible with all earlier Android versions.


  • A simple way to get free in-game money
  • supports older Android versions.
  • simple and uncomplicated user interface
  • No support for Android’s most current versions
  • For Android games to be hacked, you need root.



One of the few hacking programs, GameCih, even lets you hack video games that are played online. Utilizing the most recent hacking techniques accomplishes this. On your Android smartphone, however, you can only use this software if you have root access. In addition, there are several features in this program that can be helpful when hacking apps.

In addition to being one of the original memory editors for Android, GameCIH APK is also one of the easiest programs to use and, for a while, the most well-liked Android game money hack.

Even though GameCIH APK doesn’t have many of the more complicated features of newer software, it does have one big advantage: it works with simple OS devices that newer, more complicated value editors and game hacking tools can’t work with.


  • hacks games, both online and off
  • uses cutting-edge hacking techniques
  • modern user interface that is neat
  • Look up the precise game values (money, gold, gems, etc.).
  • Many offline games have simple money cheats.
  • also functions on previous Android OSes and hardware.
  • lightweight and simple-to-use application.
  • can function without root access if a virtual container app is used.

10. Creehack


Currently, CreeHack and Freedom APK are two of the most popular and widely used methods for obtaining free items in Android mobile games. The best thing about the app is that it doesn’t require any skill to use. A dead horse could use it if it wanted to play the latest mining game on the Google Play Store, which gives you unlimited gems.

This software can’t be used on any games that have changed how they handle transactions, especially ones that use internet servers to verify transactions.

Nothing more can be explained about it than that. In general, the software is easy to use and straightforward. as CreeHack is continually improved and released.


  • Free in-game purchases from the Google Play Store for unvalidated servers
  • works for the vast majority of offline games.
  • Install, play, buy, and finish are all simple steps.
  • Without a doubt, 100% legal.As of yet, nobody has been imprisoned for altering values on their phone.
  • It’s faster and easier to hack the gems or money than to use a memory editor by hand.
  • because it accesses other programs and requires root. People who claim to do it for their views do not do it.
  • The best tool for free in-game purchases of rubies, crystals, coins, cash, and jewels
  • very simple to use, and no root is necessary.

We hope you found solutions to your problems by reading this blogpost.



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