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7 Modern Legal Technology Solutions to Streamline Your Workload

As companies want their legal departments to provide more rapid and strategic legal services, inefficient processes frequently get in the way. 

As most legal departments know, it’s tough to optimize value when dealing with outmoded workflows and low-value jobs.

Many forward-thinking legal departments are employing technology to pave the way for faster processes and a focus on more strategic work in response to these difficulties. 

And it all starts with intake!

Suppose your legal department’s intake process complicates inconsistencies, a lack of necessary detail, untracked data, and manual allocation. 

In that case, you’re probably dealing with delayed response times, insufficient transparency, and a bad image within your company.

The appropriate technology solution can change how your corporate law department collaborates with internal colleagues and interacts with outside law firms. 

Your legal department may decrease the time and risk associated with manual activities and diverse processes by using streamlined legal workflows, simplified contract administration, and more innovative collaboration technologies.

If you’re searching for the best legal solution for your firm, here are

7 Modern Legal Technology Solutions

1. Diligen

Diligen is a contract assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It eliminates the time-consuming manual effort associated with contract analysis by assisting you in identifying essential provisions and automatically sorting and summarizing contracts. 

It also guarantees certainty when it comes to contract review due diligence. Diligen combines machine-learning-powered review and collaborative project management into a single, easy-to-use interface.

In the context of corporate document assessment, Diligen accurately extracts significant provisions from contracts and legal documents and recognizes a wide variety of critical clauses. It includes a built-in tool that allows your users to train it to identify any new clause type. 

It will enable it to use for any contract review work. Diligen demonstrates to reduce contract review time significantly. It also helps to know if the task can be completed fast and accurately, given the possibility of human error.

It has a clean, user-friendly design that combines automatic contract analysis with intuitive project management. Your team may focus on higher-level duties while the platform enhances contract review efficiency thanks to its machine learning capabilities.

2. ROSS Intelligence

ROSS Intelligence is the world’s first artificial intelligence indexing and research software. It conducts a legal study with the help of powerful artificial intelligence. Manually completing these tasks would take a significant amount of time if not for AI.

ROSS is based on its artificial intelligence framework, which it blends with IBM Watson’s cognitive computing technologies. It functions similarly to Siri. You ask a basic query, and the system searches its database of legal documents for an answer with a confidence rating.

ROSS Intelligence is built for natural language searches, resulting in search results that are more relevant to your purpose and query context. Rather than relying mainly on a faulty keyword search system, you ask a question. 

As a result, legal research is more efficient.

ROSS automates some portions of legal research and keeps track of legal changes relevant to contemporary legal situations. It can also send you real-time update to keep your company current.

ROSS is a free brief analyzer and case search engine that analyses a given brief. It creates connections to all cited cases and flags instances that have gotten adverse treatment.

3. Legal Files

Legal Files is a well-known legal software solution that has served law firms’ digital needs for over three decades. 

Legal Files is an all-in-one suite that allows you to manage your workflows and streamline your operations. It is used by legal firms, enterprises, insurance companies, and government bodies.

Any organization can use legal Files. However, it is ideally suited for legal firms, government organizations, insurance companies, corporations, and institutions.

4. Clio

Clio is a legal software system that assists legal service providers with automating and optimizing day-to-day processes. 

It includes law practice administration, client management, time and billing management, and more. It’s cloud-based so that you can manage your law company from anywhere at any time.

One of the software’s most notable features is its 125+ connectors, including Outlook, Google Calendar, QuickBooks, etc. As a result, all of your business processes may consolidate into a single dashboard. This allows for a quick, efficient, and cost-effective management approach.

5. Jarvis Legal

Jarvis Legal is a law firm software that makes task management more effortless. It’s a one-stop shop for small and midsize legal businesses that allows you to conduct your profession efficiently at any time and from anywhere. 

It includes a wide range of automated features that will help you save time and money.

Jarvis Legal is appropriate for solo practitioners and small to mid-sized law firms. Here you can go for a free trial edition to see how the product works.

6. CaseFox

CaseFox is a legal software program that assists law firms in managing their billing and timekeeping processes. This law practice management software is feature-rich and simple to use, making it suited for single practitioners and large companies.

The software includes a free lifetime plan, which allows you to add two users and manage four cases at once. Although significant law firms can also utilize it, it’s best suited for small and medium-sized law companies. 

CaseFox is the finest choice if you’re searching for a cloud-based law practice solution to optimize your billing and timekeeping procedures.

7. Bill4Time

Bill4Time is a user-friendly and lightweight legal software solution that includes all of the tools you’ll need to run and manage your law company. It works with a variety of applications, including PayPal, UpTime, QuickBooks, and others. 

It also comes with a comprehensive online help section to help you get started.

You may use the program to automate your invoicing, practice management, and time and billing operations. It’s perfect for solo lawyers and professionals who want a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of their legal company from a single location.


As the legal industry’s reliance on technology grows, deploying the best law software for companies. However, consider that incorporating legal software into your workflow may necessitate a considerable shift in how your organization operates. It’s critical to prepare all staff and set up the necessary training once the solution implements.

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