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Be careful! Be alert if you get such a message on WhatsApp


If you have received a message to take part in a survey on WhatsApp and win a free gift, be careful. This message can cause your bank account to go down and your personal data to be stolen. Currently, a message related to Amazon is going viral on WhatsApp. The message reads, “Amazon’s 30th Anniversary Celebration गि A Gift for All.” Also, a URL ( is provided with this message. The message claims that users can get free gifts by clicking on this link.

Clicking on this link will take you to a survey page. It will ask users four questions, claiming that these questions were asked to improve Amazon’s service. These questions are about the age of the user, gender, how Amazon’s service is rated. It also asks questions about users’ devices, whether they use an Android phone or an iPhone. Also, a timer is run on this page to impress people.

After answering all the questions, many gift boxes appear on the user’s screen. It is then claimed to give smartphones to 100 lucky winners who took part in the survey. This is where the real trick begins. In which users are asked to send this quiz to 5 WhatsApp groups or 20 personal chats. But users do not get any kind of gift in it. The URLs contained in such messages are created by scammers to obtain user information. So don’t fall prey to big deceptions in the name of such free gifts.


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