Call Of Duty: Warzone – Gameplay, Maps And Ping System

In the gaming industry, only those games are able to survive perfectly that has unique concepts and realistic features. Once you decide to play any Battle Royale game, then you will find a number of options, but COD: Warzone will always be on the apex. Just because you have such a great game, then you will really like its great features that are coming with mind-blowing graphics. Realistic features and better sound effects will make everything real during the gameplay, so you should get ready to survive in-game.

Apparently, gamers are able to buy the battle pass first, which allows them to gain more benefits and other items in the game. You are able to earn more and more rewards after buying the battle pass. However, if you are not able to spot the enemies in the game, then it is better to choose a secured option. It is 100% secured to use warzone cheats, and it will give you warnings like proximity alerts and many other warnings when a player is aiming at you. Here are some more facts about the warzone game.


Warzone comes with two different game modes, such as Battle Royale and Plunder. Therefore, it is the second main battle Royale installment in the COD game, so you should really like the Blackout that is the first game of COD, but now you are choosing such a wonderful game that is becoming a mind-blowing game and like by million so gamers in this world. You will find so many famous weapons such as AR, SMGs, LMG, Marksman, and many other options, so you will really like to enjoy using the weapons in the game that looks realistic. Battle Royale and Plunder, some limited-time modes, have been coming to the course of the game.  

What about Maps?

IN the game, you will find the maps that are considered as the most famous around the world, so get ready to enjoy its great features always. People really like to enjoy the game and their various maps daily. Here you can easily check out various options –

  1. Verdansk
  2. Verdansk 84
  3. Rebirth Island

In short, you have all these great maps that you can easily choose according to need and get ready to enjoy such a wonderful game daily. People should read everything, work on its and chose a better option always.

Get ready to eliminate targets before landing

When you plan to touch the land, and suddenly you equip with weapons, then hold that place and start giving open fire in order to kill the enemies before they land on the place. If you can do away few players can before even starting, then it can be really wonderful for you and give you better outcomes always. It is considered the most advanced option and allows you to get a quick kill by killing the enemies easily. Even players get lots of damage when they did not land on the map and have not worn the armors. It is considered as the most advanced option for you on which you can pay attention and take its great benefits always.

Make it more quickly to the battlefield

You are able to shorten the time that it takes to get to the battlefield and be the fastest to touch by just deploying the parachute. Therefore, before you fly and land on the map, you should simply make a decision on choosing a better option always which can be really effective for you. 

Try to plan the best landing spot that will allow you to make better decisions wisely. Free-fall mode that is becoming popular in the game, so you can be the first to land, means you can easily find the better equipment. This can help you to save you from players who open fire during the parachute drops.

Use the ping system

Playing with squad members can be a great opportunity for everybody, so whenever you are playing the games daily, then it would be best for you to choose the ping system daily that can be best for everybody. By using the pinging system, you are able to help the players to spot enemies that never create any problem. This will help you to better communicate with the other players. People are not going to have any trouble with the ping system.

If you think that you are not able to use the headset in order to communicate with the other gamers, then it would be best for you to choose a better option always. People should check out entire things wisely that can be effective. Ping key to warning the teammate from a nearby enemy. People should check out entire things wisely that can be really amazing for people. You are not going to face any trouble with it can choose the most effective option wisely. If you find a nearby enemy, then directly ping it easily.  

Share the loot with squad members

Sharing is caring, so get ready to share your weapons with your teammates. Suppose you all guys land with each other at the same spot, so you can be easily able to collect guns and share them with others. It is becoming best for people to check out that can be wonderful for you. If your squad member faces any shot, so you should give him healing that can be really valuable for him. This can be best for him to get better outcomes. Your teammate will use that heal and do better survival easily and play more and more easily in the game.

Just optimize the use of weapons

There are various kinds of weapons in the game, so you can easily use the best ones in order to kill the enemies in the game. Try to use the attachments in order to use the weapons perfectly. You should have better knowledge about the weapons in order to kill the players. Nevertheless, people should take the great benefits of it and enjoy the real game.

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