Distribution of gratitude snacks to the police – Lokshahi News

During the Corona period, the police are on high alert 24 hours a day. While shaking hands with Corona, the citizens are also watching to see if they are following the rules given by the government. The police are doing their duty regardless of their lives. In gratitude to him, ‘Vinod Patil Yuva Foundation’ distributed ‘Gratitude Snacks’ to the police officers and police personnel of Mulund Division.
Hundreds of police officers and staff on patrol lost their lives during the lockdown. Similarly, in this wave of corona, the entire police force is shaking hands with corona. Their social debts are unsustainable.

Distribution of gratitude snacks to the police – Lokshahi News

“We organized a ‘Gratitude Snack’ to convey the feeling that we, the common people, are indebted to the police on patrol.” This sentiment was expressed by Vinod Patil, President of Vinod Patil Youth Foundation. So far, 200 policemen have been allotted snacks and it will be distributed in two more days, said Vinod Patil. Senior Inspector Vijayalakshmi Hiremath of Mulund Police Station, Anti-Terrorism Squad Officer Satish Patil, Santosh Shetty of Foundation and Rahul Mengar were present on the occasion.

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