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Elon Musk | Selection of SpaceX for NASA’s lunar mission

This world is changing rapidly. In the same way, space is once again going to be a historic event. For the first time by 2024, a woman and a black man will set foot on the moon. NASA is preparing to send American astronauts to the moon as part of its Artemis mission program. Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been awarded the contract to develop its first commercial human lander. Elon Musk has said through his social media that NASA has chosen SpaceX to send humans to the moon once again after the Apollo mission.

NASA’s bid to win the contract also included Blue Origin, owned by Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man and owner of Amazon. NASA has signed a Rs 215 billion deal with SpaceX for the mission. According to a report, SpaceX will have to test a lander that will take the astronaut to the moon. According to NASA, NASA will send four astronauts to the Orion spacecraft in lunar orbit. Two of the astronauts will be shifted to the SpaceX Human Landing System and will then land on the moon.

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