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Facebook | Mark Zuckerberg’s security costs a fortune

The company has so far spent billions on the security of Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, the world’s largest social media company. According to the information received, झु 2.3 crore or Rs 170 crore has been spent on the security of Mark Zuckerberg in one year 2020. In the language of Indian currency, Rs 46 lakh is spent on their security every day. Facebook has provided this information to the Security and Exchange Commission.

Of this, Rs 99 crore has been spent on house and private security while the remaining Rs 72 crore has been spent on additional security. The company claims that Covid has incurred this extra cost due to travel protocol, security coverage during the US election period and that the cost is reasonable and necessary. Mark takes only डॉलर 1 as annual salary. The company has also revealed that it does not accept bonuses, equity, rewards or other allowances.

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