Google Pixel 6A review | Is Google Pixel 6A better or not?

After a long time Google pixel 6A launched in India. Are you looking for a good review about Google pixel 6A then you are at the right place.Here we are going to give a short review on Google pixel 6a smartphone. There is no competition from Google on the internet but in the smartphone industry there is no place for Google smartphones.


Let’s start with a quick review of the features of Google pixel 6A.In India no one is interested in Google pixel 6A because we have seen Google 4A and 5A that were also a flop.

Google Pixel 6A Review

Here I am going to discuss some specifications of Google pixel 6A. A bad thing is that there is a dual backing panel with a camera visor. The only difference between the 6A and 6 Pro is that the rare panel is made of plastic instead of glass. The plastic panel does reduce the weight of the phone.

Google Pixel 6A Screen

Google Pixel 6A got a small 6.1 inch OLED panel smaller than the 6 and the 6 Pro. So that it feels more comfortable to hold and use. I really like the finish of the metal aluminium mid frame the pixel 6 definitely feels premium and makes its presence felt among its pear.

Let’s take a look towards its headphone jack. Google pixel 6 comes with a headphone jack. Now that the design is good I am kind of disappointed by the fact that the pixel 6a only comes with a 60 Hertz panel front display.It has a bright view panel with support for HDR access to all apps like YouTube Netflix.

Google Pixel 6A Refresh Rate

Google Pixel 6A has a 60 hertz refresh date in 2020 is too old. I don’t even appreciate that on the iPhone as well. I think all phones should come with a bare minimum high refresh rate panel of 90 Hertz panel in 2022. But at this price range many smartphone companies provide a good refresh rate with a good screen panel. It is not very crazy to hear about Google pixel 6A refresh rate.

Google Pixel 6A Performance

Let’s talk about Google pixel 6A performance. Google does not want to keep out on this time and it is definitely you upgrade over what we got on pixel for when it launches in India. Obviously the tensor is a pretty powerful chip in that price class and it definitely competes against the likes of the Snapdragon 870 the Demonstry 1200 and the demonstry 1300. It does not really beat these chips in performance, the fact that you know there is hardware software migration done at Google itself. Let’s control the way the phone functions and it’s extremely fast, responsive and smooth only at 60 hertz unfortunately which is my biggest concern now.

Google Pixel 6A Camera

Now come towards cameras. Google Pixel 6A 50 megapixels primary camera But it has an old Microsoft Primary Sensor. It also has a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera. Google Pixel 6A comes with an 8 megapixel selfie camera. As other smartphones Google Pixel 6A is also providing some basic filters and some other features

Google Pixel 6A Photos & Videos

Now we are going to take a look towards Google pixel 6A photo and video quality. When you are shooting live photos and videos with magic questions then there will be no such evidence to see the magic but if we apply it after video creation then it will be good. It has a focus that is very nice. You can easily focus videos and photos and you have an option to blur the background. There is also a program with pictures that are not very sharp as compared to others.It is kindly software code 4K 60 fbps video with this mobile phone camera. It is really great that you can record a high resolution video in this budget smartphone. It also has a 12 megapixel vertical camera that helps you shoot photos fastly.

Google Pixel 6A Processor

Google Pixel 6A has a Titan chip which is available on the Google pixel 6 Pro as well couples that with all the security features in the software itself Google is definitely prioritising your privacy & security. There is not much modification in the processor so let’s talk about more things.

Google Pixel 6A Features

There is a colour picking from the wallpaper that happens when it sets the system UI Colors on the basis of you know the colours of wallpapers chat with looks very cool that’s something. I really love it and it’s implemented really well on the face of it. The software experience on the pixel 6a is of course great but we know by now that a lot you know about Google 6 and Google 6 Pro. I did freeze a couple of times when the optical display fingerprint sensor would not register my fingerprint and you know it just would not work at all which also has been a problem with you.

Google Pixel 6A Battery

Google pixel 6 has a capable battery that offers 4410 mAh which lasts you a day of UGC with the kind of vacantisation that Google does with the software itself. I also know the charging speed and it has a low charging of just 18 watt. This is not good enough. You know that the Nothing phone also has 67 watt charging and supports wireless charging in the first launch.

Google Pixel 6A Conclusion

You can get the Google Pixel 6A at a price of nearly 40k, which is a minus point of a smartphone. Because at this price many smartphone companies like Samsung Vivo oppo are providing a highly optimised phone then Google pixel 6A. If you are looking for a mobile phone then Google pixel 6a can be a money wasting product for you. If you have any specific question regarding Google pixel 6 then you can comment or if you want to buy it then you can buy from Google official website or online stores.I hope you like this review on Google pixel 6a and if you like it also share it with your friends that they can also know more about Google pixel 6A.

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