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Google’s Phone app to get a new name and a new logo

Android maker Google has its set of Apps for its platform, especially for its pixel devices. But without a doubt, Google Dialer is one of the most famous apps on the android platform. Google has brought its Android dialer to non-Pixel devices and has even tweaked the Play Store listing. It appears that the company will now give the Phone app a new logo and even a new name called the “Google Call.”

Earlier, a YouTube ad for the Phone by Google app emerged on the net, and now it’s even officially referred to on the Play Store. The new logo is a generic phone icon that’s identical to the new Voice logo. But it uses the four Google colours. The new icon is also placed against a blue background. 

Google's Phone app to get a new name and a new logo

According to sources, the new icon is not live on Google Play or any other site as of now. But it would come after the big rebrand to Workspace. Along with all the other apps under its umbrella. Now that the Phone app is getting a new name and a unique design. Other apps such as Messages and Duo, led by the same executive that oversees the productivity suite, might soon get a new look.

Google’s Phone app offers various features, but its spam detection is one of the best and can also recognize business calls. The new name might mean that Google will also provide some additional new features and so it would be interesting to see what lies ahead of it. Though the features are quite limited to non-pixel devices, considering the growing popularity of the app, Google will most likely launch more features for its dialer on non-pixel devices.


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