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Guidelines To Follow To Easily Save WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Messenger is the choice of many. It helps one to message peoples who are all in their contact easily. Plus, if you understand how to save whatsapp status you can easily save everyone’s status. 

WhatsApp is available with various features in that “status” is the notable feature that will make all easily upload their likely status. One thing you ought to notice in WhatsApp is that any status you upload will disappear after 24 hours.

 You all well know uploading status in WhatsApp is quite easy. But what you will do if you want someone’s status? Thus you must know how to save whatsapp status so then you are all set to effortlessly save anyone’s status easily. Just by sparing some seconds, you will be allowed to straightforwardly save the status of your friends who are all in your contact. 

Steps to follow to save WhatsApp status

When it comes to saving WhatsApp status, you can store it on your device. So, you upload the saved status as well, it will disappear with 24 hours. Plus, you have two options, and you are all set to use anyway to successfully save the status of WhatsApp. Here comes the way to save status using File Manager check it and come to know how to save whatsapp status easily. In case if you have “File Manager”, then you must install it. You are all set to use any app like Solid Explorer or ES File Explorer. In case if you view any status means, then it will create a temporary copy of the same on your phone’s storage as said by TechieWord

– Now, you want to open the File Manager app such as Files, Files Manager, Solid Explorer and so on.

– After that, you ought to click “Show hidden files.”

– By following that, you need to tap on “Settings” of your file manager and then make the hidden files show. This option will make the hidden files show.

– Then, you ought to navigate to the WhatsApp folder – Internal storage > WhatsApp > Media >. Statuses.

– After that, you need to copy the content, including photos as well as videos you would like to save

– you ought to paste those contents into a different folder.

– Finally, the contents, once pasted, that’s all it will be stored, and you are all set to easily access it whenever you want. 

Using an app to save WhatsApp status

In case if you don’t want to strain a lot to save your friend’s status, then simply make use of a 3rd party app that will enable one to easily save status. The reason is you are no need to do anything automatically. The app will gather statuses which and all you choose to view. Plus, the app will give the status in an organized way. Take a look at the below points, 

Save Whatsapp Status
  • Go to WhatsApp and then view the status you would like to save
  • If you have installed a specific app for that, then simply do tap on the image as well as video
  • After that, click on “Save.”
  • The content will get stored in your internal memory. So you are all set to view it anytime. 

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