Maharashtra Lockdown: Local services closed to the public

New lockdown regulations have been announced in the state. The rules will come into force in the state from 8 pm tomorrow. So, the question for all the common people was whether it is possible to travel locally or not? So these rules will not allow all the common people to travel. Government employees will be able to travel.

What are the restrictions?

All government offices related to the state government, central government and local administration will be functioning with only 15% staff capacity. Emergency services offices affiliated with Corona are excluded.

Weddings have to be completed in a single hall in just 2 hours. A total of 25 people will be allowed to attend. A family violating these rules will be fined Rs 50,000 and will be banned from the hall until the situation returns to normal.

All private passenger transport options except buses can be used for essential purposes only. For this, the driver and 50 per cent of the total passenger capacity will be allowed to travel. These rules will not apply to inter-district or inter-district vehicles but only to cities where passengers live.

Inter-district or inter-district travel can only be done for unavoidable reasons like essential services or medical reasons or funerals. Violators will be fined Rs 10,000.

Private buses will be allowed to carry 50 per cent of the total seating capacity. It will be forbidden to travel vertically. Private buses can take a maximum of two stops in a city. Passengers will be stamped with a 14-day quarantine at all stops. This seal can only be stamped by the bus service provider. The local administration has been given the power to decide whether to test passengers coming from private buses or not. The cost of this test will be borne by the concerned passenger or the bus service provider.

Any private bus service provider found violating these rules will be fined Rs 10,000. Frequent violations of the rules will result in revocation of his license.

The local disaster management will be able to decide whether or not to stamp the quarantine on the hands of the passengers, depending on the corona conditions of the particular place.

Tickets and passes will be issued by staff from the state, central government and local administrations, health care providers and individuals in need of medical treatment, along with an additional person. They can only travel by local train, metro and mono rail. These rules may not apply to long haul trains.

State government or local administration buses will be allowed to carry 50 per cent seating capacity. It will be forbidden to travel standing up.

For bus or train travel providing inter-district or inter-district services, the Railway Officer or ST Bus Officer will have to provide all the information about screening of passengers to the local administration. Upon landing at the stop, passengers will be stamped with 14 days Home Quarantine. Passengers will be sent to a corona center or hospital if symptoms appear on the thermal scanner. If you want to test passengers’ corona, the local administration can hire an official lab to test passengers. The cost of this test will be borne by the concerned passenger. Also, the local administration may decide to exempt passengers from certain places from stamping their hands or doing home quarantine.

Local train, metro, mono rail travel?

Only government employees are allowed to travel by local train, mono rail, metro. It will be mandatory to have an ID card for travel even if you are a government employee

All health workers will also be able to travel by local. This will allow paramedical staff, doctors, nurses, medical clinic staff to travel by local, metro, mono rail.

People who need treatment as well as health help will also be able to travel. Only one person will be able to travel with the patient.

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