Remdesivhir, Oxygen will launch the global tender – Rajesh Tope

The state is not getting remedicavir compared to demand. Efforts are underway to increase the supply of Remedesivir. Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that responses were being received from Israel and European countries.

A global tender has been drawn up for vaccines and remedies. Remedivir will be available in the state up to three and a half lakhs. Currently we had demanded 40,000 oxygen concentrators. But you will have 20,000 constructors.

Maharashtra has a higher recovery rate than the rest of the country

The number of patients is declining in 12 districts of Maharashtra but at the same time corona virus infection is increasing in 24 districts. Corona patients are well cured in Maharashtra. The state has a recovery rate of 84.7 per cent. He also said that Maharashtra’s rate is higher than the country’s recovery rate. Also, the positivity rate in the state has come down from 27 per cent to 22 per cent. We have decided to appoint oxygen nurses at various places in the state. It is also decided to check the plant to stop the leakage of oxygen through oxygen audit. He also said that he has ordered more than 150 plants in terms of oxygen generators.

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