Sugar mills in the state will produce and supply oxygen!

There is a wave of corona virus infection in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, NCP and Vasantdada Sugar Institute president Sharad Pawar have instructed the sugar mills in the state to produce and supply oxygen to alleviate the shortage of oxygen. As per the instructions of Sharad Pawar, a letter has been sent to the sugar factories in the state by Vasantdada Sugar Institute, a leading organization of sugar factories in Maharashtra.

Letters to 190 factories in the state
The Vasantdada Sugar Institute has appealed to the sugar factories in the state to produce oxygen. Vasantdada Sugar Institute has written a letter to the sugar factories. Letters have been sent to 190 co-operative and private factories in the state. In addition, it has been appealed that the factories which are closed should purchase oxygen kits and supply them to the hospitals. Letters have been sent to the sugar factories as per the instructions of Sharad Pawar.

As per the letter of Vasantdada Sugar Institute

Chairman / Executive Director

Subject: Factories producing and supplying oxygen


We all know that the second wave of covid has created a serious situation and the covid patient is in dire need of oxygen. Earlier, all the sugar mills have provided substantial assistance and cooperation in every emergency situation.

In view of the present situation, the President of the Society, Hon’ble Shri Sharad Chandraji Pawar Saheb, has directed that the factories which are still in the process of crushing season as well as those which have co-generation and distillation projects should produce medical oxygen and those factories which have completed the crushing season Oxygen kits should be supplied to patients or covid centers. Also, factories should set up oxygen generating projects and for this, factories can use the existing equipment and manpower.

If an oxygen production project is to be set up, it needs steam and electricity. Steam and electricity can be available in sugar factories while the factory is running. Therefore, the factories should undertake the construction of oxygen production projects and for this the factories will be able to utilize the available equipment and manpower. This will also reduce the cost of the project.

The current condition of Kovid is dire and patients are in dire need of oxygen. The State Government and the Central Government are making efforts to make oxygen available, however, it has become imperative for all our sugar mills to take the initiative and set up an oxygen generating plant with the necessary equipment, manpower and capital if required. Factories have experience in refining ethanol and separating carbon dioxide in distillation projects. The only thing here is to set up an oxygen separation project. In this regard, it is humbly requested to take immediate action on the vacuum pressure swing adaptation process. In this connection, it is ensured that all the factories will produce and supply oxygen to their factories. Let me know

Your faith

(Shivajirao Deshmukh)

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