What Do Parents Think of Online Learning?

Visualizing a classroom where teachers and students interact through a common teaching-learning portal while sitting in front of a laptop might have appeared as a perfect graphics treat in a Hollywood sci-fi flick a few years ago though today this stands as the reality of our education industry.

The sudden outbreak of the deadly corona virus across the globe changed our lifestyle completely by forcing us to practice social distancing in our everyday routine. Humans were caged in their houses away from their social environment to control the aggravating crisis. For the entire 2020, our lives came to a standstill as we struggled to fight for survival from the fast-expanding threat. The effect of the virus was so strong that each industrial sector moved to a complete transition from its routine system to ensure survival in the changed environment. 

The use of modern technology for teaching helped schools to continue with the set curriculum without any hassle. As schools were forced to remain closed for an uncertain period, it was a challenge for the authorities to manage studies in the usual way.

Online teaching evolved as a potential tool for teachers to impart knowledge to students at the comfort of the homes. Interestingly, e-learning gained popularity because it was easy to use and fulfilled all the requirements of the education system. The only pre-requisite needed here was a laptop and a good Internet connection to interact on the teaching-learning portal. The use of online class app was super convenient, simple, and highly economical for those involved. 

Though digital learning has been in the sector for long in the form of distance education, it gained momentum only after the corona crisis when schools at large shifted to this new-age technology. The sudden change came as a surprise for not just teachers and students but also left an equal impact on parents too. For the longest time in history, we have been accustomed to classroom learning in schools. However, when education moved to remote learning, parents had a hard time adjusting to it.

It was quite challenging for parents to understand how teachers will teach online as the system was entirely new to them. The concern was more about the future of their kids. The technology-centered teaching created a lot of confusion for them. While some parents were happy with e-learning, others were skeptical about its outcome in the long run. Let’s share some interesting viewpoints of parents related to various features of online teaching apps in this post. Take a look:

What is the take of parents on online learning?

1. Improper Study Schedules

When in school, students are tied to the core protocol of the institute. They have to follow the time-table set by the authorities ensuring discipline throughout. Though there is a set time frame for lectures, the system is somehow lenient in comparison to the in-person schooling. Students connect to the portal for the sake of attendance and then spend their time on other things rather than focusing on the teacher. Parents fear that the lenient system hampers the learning experience as kids do not concentrate on studies like usual. They feel that kids get easily distracted and become less disciplined in e-learning teaching. The lengthy lectures add on to their concerns as this affects the child’s eyesight immensely. 

2. Convergent thinking

In online teaching there is no physical interaction between the teacher and students. They connect through the common teaching platform which lacks human connection similar to the school environment. Parents feel that online teaching might restrict the curiosity of their kids. As everything is managed online including lectures and examinations students are likely to develop a convergent thinking approach towards learning.

The use of MCQ and close ended questions in online exams makes parents think that their kids might not develop reasoning skills for future. This limited exploration makes parents doubt the potential of online learning portals. However, now parents have started to recognize the merits of digital learning which offers plenty of exploration opportunities to students through features such as virtual field trips. 

3. Fear of Improper Holistic Development 

The life of a parent revolves around their child’s wellbeing. They always try to make their kids excel in their lives and so send them to the best school. When in school, a student undergoes several changes that ensure holistic development of his personality. In an online setup, a student spends most of his time sitting in front of their laptop while lying on their bed or couch. Parents get concerned seeing their kids not getting involved in extra-curricular activities or exploration. The kids waste their time on social media handles when learning from home.

They feel that this hampers the child’s overall growth-physical, mental, and emotional. The online teaching websites are now focusing on this issue and are trying to make the learning experience more interactive and engaging for the learners. The portals are working to resolve the confusions in the minds of parents regarding the tech-supported learning field. 

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